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A fax cover page is a cover sheet for a document sent over a fax machine. It generally includes the name, address and phone number of the sender and receiver. This helps offices know who sent the fax and who is to receive it if they receive many at once.


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When sending a fax, a cover page is sent first. This is the introduction to the fax that is being sent. The cover page should also indicate the number of pages being sent.

Fax cover sheet is a page where the recipient and sender information is written.

If you're sending a fax with a cover page - it usually contains details of the sender (ie. YOU)... so that the person receiving the fax knows who (and where) to send the reply.

When faxing pages, you want to always use a cover page. Essentially the fax cover page will act like an envelope for your pages. It will have the name, location, and telephone from where your faxing from, and will have the recipient's name, address and telephone. You will then want to enter in the fax number that you want to send the pages to and the first page sent will be your cover page.

Yes, the cover sheet counts as a page when sending a fax.

A fax cover sheet is a page that has information about who a fax is from and to, as well as other details or notes about the fax (confidentialy, sensitive information, urgent, etc.) A copy of a fax cover sheet would be something like a photocopy of a cover sheet.

Yes you should always include a fax cover page when sending a fax, unless the recipient specifically asks not to have one. this should include the title of the document as well as the number of pages in the fax.

A fax is laid out just like a letter sent in the mail, except that it has a cover page and a header on it. The cover page is a page that is put at the front of the document, and includes who the fax is to and who it is from (both names and phone / fax number). It also includes the number of pages in the transmission (this way if the fax is cut off, the receiving party can tell). The fax machine adds the header automatically. This is a small block of text at the top of the fax that includes the date, time, and who the fax was sent from.

The cover page template you want to use Information about the sender A schedule for sending the fax The priority of the fax

it lets the sender know who the fax is from and all that info so it's counted as a page

a fax cover sheet tells who the fax is from and how many pages the fax contains

A fax cover sheet is not really necessary, but it is a good idea to use a fax cover sheet. A fax cover sheet ensures that the fax goes to the right person.

a fax looks like any other paper document, however it usually has a cover page (showing who it was sent from and to) attached to it.

While a cover sheet is not essential for every fax, it helps to target the intended recipient. If you have a short fax and have to pay by the page through a local service, you may benefit by incorporating your name, your intended recipient's name, and the topic you are addressing at the top of the sheet you are sending.

Yes, there are international standard fax cover sheets. These type of fax cover sheets are actually known as standard fax cover sheets. Being standard helps them to be international.

You can locate free blank fax cover sheets online at websites such as My Fax and Free Fax Cover Sheets. You can also make your own fax cover sheet using Microsoft Word.

Free fax cover sheets can be found at the MyFax website or at Microsoft's Office website or at the Free Fax Cover Sheets website. You can also make a fax cover sheet in Microsoft Word.

You can usually find a fax cover sheet at the service or station where you send the fax if you are using one outside of your home. You can also download a free fax cover sheet online from Free Fax Cover Sheets and MyFax Online Service.

It is the page where the fax message are written.

The easiest way to fax with a program like outlook is to use an online fax service (also known as an email fax or internet fax). With one of these services, you can put a phone number into the "to" field of the email, and it will automatically send a fax with the attached document (and your main page as your cover page). Most of these programs cost $5-15 per user. There are also enterprise level fax services that will do a similar funciton on an organizational level.

There are many free fax cover sheet templates at An example of one of these template is this basic cover sheet

There are a number of websites such as Free Fax Cover Sheets, MyFax, My Paperless Fax and Apollo's Templates that provide templates and sample fax cover sheets.

It depends on who you fax to. It is necessary if you fax to someone you never talk to or a group cause no cover may cause your fax missing. But if it's for someone you know, then the cover can be ignored.

It depends on what your faxing? Usually you would use Perfereated sheets and use page protecters. You can use it as covering from spills and if you fax it it will stay on and you can forward it.

It is the page where the fax message are written.

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