What is a female cup bearer?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: What is a female cup bearer?
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What is a an Old Testament cup bearer?

A cup bearer was one who was responsible for serving the wine (or juice or whatever) that was drunk from a cup. Since poisons were often mixed into drinks served to the victim, the position of cup bearer was one of great responsibility and trust. The cup bearer had to make sure that no poison got into the cup before the master received it.

What was the dream of the Cup Bearer that Joseph interpreted?

The Cup Bearer dreamt of pressing grapes into Pharaoh's cup in his dream. Joseph interpreted this dream to mean that in three days the Cup Bearer would be restored to his position serving Pharaoh.

Who was the cup bearer that wrote a book in the Bible?

Answer: Nehemiah was a cup bearer to King Artaxerxes. This is recorded in Nehemiah 2:1.

What is a female ring bearer called?

She's still the ring bearer, as she is bearing the ring.

What were hebes duties?

Hebe was the cup bearer to the gods

Who is the Trojan prince who was cup bearer to the gods?


What is meant by Cup bearer?

A cup bearer is a person responsible for serving drinks, particularly wine, to guests or a high-ranking individual in a royal or noble setting. The role often involved tasting the drinks before serving to ensure they were not poisoned.

What is a sacred object for hebe?

The Cup: from which she is called the Cup Bearer of the Olympians, she or the Cup is believed the source of their ageless immortality.

How do you spell bearer of light in Hebrew?

a male barer of light = noseh 'or (נושא אור) a female barer of light = noseht 'or (נושאת אור)

What is Hebe godess of?

Youth, she was once the Cup-bearer of the gods and goddesses of Olympus.

What powers did Hebe have?

She was the goddess of eternal youth. Also the cup bearer of the gods.

What does it mean tdo be called a ganymede?

Well, the definition of Ganymede is cup bearer to the gods. Zeus kidnapped a Trojan boy because he was beautiful and made him cup bearer. Ganymede is a way of saying your beautiful to another in a homosexual way.