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Q: What is a fool or clown?
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Related questions

What is a buffoon?

A buffoon is a clown a rude or vulgar fool

What is a synonym for buffoon?

fool, jester, clown

What is another word for jester?

Fool ,Trickster , or clown

What are the release dates for A Fool's Idea - 2009 What Is Clown 1-1?

A Fool's Idea - 2009 What Is Clown 1-1 was released on: USA: 9 December 2009

What is another word for clown?

fool, joker, buffoon, funster

the meaning of Buffoon?

A buffoon is a clown a rude or vulgar fool

How do you spell buffoon?

That is the correct spelling of the noun "buffoon" (fool, clown).

What is the synonym of clod?

fool, dummy, stupid person, oaf, lout, clown

What are some nouns that begin with letter j that refer to a person?

The word "jester" (as in "a professional fool or clown, esp. at a medieval court.2.a professional fool or clown esp. at a medieval court." - from comes to mind.

Which choice is the denotation of class clown?

Someone who is a fool, jester, entertainer, or comedian this question…

A Buffoon a merry-andrew a court fool?

A clown can be added to this list and also the word jester.

What is the synonym for clown?

comedian, fool, comic, harlequin, joker, jester, prankster, buffoon, idiot,

What was the number one song in June 1960?

There were two that month: Cathy's Clown EVerybody's Somebody's Fool

What is the meaning of Mikey?

The name mickey means town fool. But, I guess today we would call that a class clown

What is the Scottish Gaelic word for idiot?

òinseach idiot (female) amadan 1 fool, loony, mug, idiot 2 fool, jester 3 clown 4 humbug 5 joker (card)

Name of a person who is received and entertained at another's house?

u fool dont kno that well i aint telling u

Why is the clown in Twelfth Night the smartest in the play?

The Fool is the smartest in the play because he's the guy that can see the stupidity of others and can turn it into a joke.

What is 'clowns' when translated from English to French?

"Pitre" is one of the French words for clown. There are others with slightly different meanings, like: Bouffon- clown, jester, pantaloon, zany, buffoon Paillasse- clown, pallet, paillasse Paysan- clown, peasant, farmer, rustic, bumpkin, churl Plaisantin- clown, joker, wag, jester Imbecile- clown, fool, imbecile, idiot, silly, moron Fantaisiste- clown, joker If you mean it as a verb, like "to clown around", use this faire le clown. (If you need more info, try Google Translate or another site like it.)

What did Charlie discover at the party he went to with Joe and Frank?

that this whole time they weren't really his friend's. They were just there to make him look like a fool. or clown

What is the Irish word for ''clown''?

Fear tuaithe (man from the country [archaic]) Cabóg (clown, clodhopper) Gamal (lout, fool, simpleton) Tútachán (awkward, crude; churlish, mean) Áilteoir (joker, trickster) Amhlóir (foolish, awkward person)

Who is the biggest fool the fool or the fool that follows the fool?

the fool that follows the fool

Which Shakespeare clown is the most musical?

Feste from Twelfth Night. He sings three major songs and a number of short ones. Amiens in As You Like It is just as musical, but he is not the clown; Touchstone is. The Fool in King Lear sings a lot but does not get any full-blown songs.

What actors and actresses appeared in Clownation - 2011?

The cast of Clownation - 2011 includes: Lily Aceto as Clown Dara Anissi as Clown Beth Bannister as Clown Rich Benjamin as Clown Lauren Cator as Clown Arlo Chappel as Clown Sheri Delia as Clown Emily Dilger as Clown Katie Faley as Clown Madeline Galac as Clown Eldred Harris as Clown Marty Heresniak as Clown Cassandra Hoebbel as Clown Tom Hoebbel as Clown Joan Hoebbel as Clown Chris Hoebbel as Clown Punita Junega as Clown Rich Kaske as Clown Nora Lang as Clown Diana Leigh as Clown Cresten Mansfeldt as Clown Justin McGuire as Clown Alex Michaluk as Clown Amy Michaluk as Clown Matthew Milmer as Clown Eliud Nieves as Clown Lindsey Perigo as Clown Kate Pike as Clown Matthew Rendina as Clown Elle Rought as Clown Jody Schwan as Clown Gir Session as Clown Sarah Short as Clown Joseph Simonis as Clown Josh Teeter as Clown Peter Van Do as Clown Susan Villarreal as Clown Caroline von Dahl as Clown Evan Wray as Clown Pamela Zimmer as Clown

How do you say clown in French?

a clown is called 'un clown' (masc.) in French.a clown is called 'un clown' (masc.) in French.Same as in English

How do you spell clown?

"Clown".... you already spelled it correctly. This is a test!