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What is a forever stamp?

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A forever stamp is a stamp that is valued (sold and cancelled) at the current local letter rate of postage. For example, if the current cost of local postage is 50 cents, the forever stamp is valued at 50 cents. If the price of postage rises (or miraculously, falls) the value of the forever stamp would be the new value. The forever stamp is forever valued at that rate.

So, before the price goes up, buy a lot of forever stamps and you will save money. Forever stamps also save having to use 1 or 2 cent stamps to cover the postage increase. Saves you and the post office time and money.

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Is an h stamp a forever stamp?

No, it is not a Forever Stamp.

How can you tell if your stamp is a forever stamp?

It says Forever on it.

Can you use the forever stamp without adding a one cent stamp to it?

Yes, that is the reason it is a 'Forever' stamp.

Does a forever stamp have price on it?

No, they do not have a price printed on them. They will say FOREVER somewhere on the stamp.

Is the forever stamp good for the new postage stamp increase of 2013?

Yes, that is why it is a Forever stamp. It will FOREVER be worth the cost of an ounce of 1rst class mail.

What is the value of 2009 Liberty Bell forever stamp?

It is a forever stamp. It is good for the current value of a first class stamp.

How much for a book of forever stamps?

depends on the current rate of a stamp. The forever stamp stays at the current rate forever.

How do you know if you have a forever stamp?

It has the word Forever on it.

How many pages of paper can you mail for a forever stamp?

today, 1 envelope + 5 sheets of paper + the stamp = forever stamp

Is a first class stamp the same thing as a forever stamp?

A first-class stamp is not the same as a forever stamp. A forever stamp holds the value of a first-class stamp regardless of how often the rate for first-class postage has increased. A first-class stamp only holds its face value.

Can you use a forever stamp on a postcard?

Yes, you can use a Forever stamp on a postcard, but it's overpaying for postage.

Can you use a forever stamp in the US?

Yes, you can ... forever ...

What is todays forever stamp worth?

how much is a usa forever stamp worth

Is flag stamp with no face value a forever stamp?


Do you have to buy a one cent stamp to add with forever stamp?


Is the postage on love stamp year 2000 with single rose a forever stamp?

No. It is only worth 34 cents. Forever stamps say "Forever" on them.

How do you know if your stamp is a forever stamp?

It will say forever on the stamp. If it doesn't, it may be one of the non-denominational issues that has a fixed price. See the link below.

Are 2009 forever stamps still good to use?

Yes, you can still use a Forever stamp issued by the United States Postal Service in 2009. This was the revolutionary idea of the Forever stamp - you can purchase a first-class stamp at today's price then not have to purchase additional postage later when the price goes up. The stamp is called the "Forever Stamp" because it will be valid forever for a first class envelope.

What is the value of a US Postal Service Forever Stamp?

As of 2016, one standard forever stamp costs 49 cents.

Is breast cancer stamps a forever stamp?

Yes, they are a forever stamp. They are good for the first ounce of first class postage.

Is antique toys stamp a forever stamp?

No, it is worth 37 cents.

How much did a 1st class stamp cost in 2007?

In 2007 it cost $0.41 to purchase a first class stamp. The Forever Stamp was first introduced in 2007. It is a stamp that once purchased can be used forever.

Can you use a forever stamp even after the price of stamps go up?

That is the purpose of the Forever stamp. You can use it for the first ounce of postage forever, regardless of how the price goes up.

Is the Lady Liberty US Flag a forever stamp?

No - it is a 39 cent stamp

Is the cancer research postage stamp a forever stamp?

Yes, it is non-denominated.