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A forked tail is the tail on the back of the dolphin. It is called "Forked tail" because the tail is in the shape of a fork.

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Q: What is a forked tail?
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What do you call a small and swift flying bird with a deeply forked tail?

A "Swallow"is a small and swift lying bird with a deeply forked tail.

What is an old world tropics songbird with a forked tail?


What is a small bird with forked tail called?

Swallow, barn swallow

What is B-24?

the B-24 is a WW2 4 engined bomber with a forked tail

Where does the dugong live?

A dugong is an aquatic mammal that is distinguished from the manatees by its forked tail. It is found in warm coastal waters from East Africa to Australia.

What bird has a slender and gray body white head and a forked tail?

You could have seen a Swallow-tailed Kite. It has a long forked tail, body is black or dark gray with a white head, chest and belly. They are indigenous to Fl. and the coasts of LA. MS. AL. GA. and SC.

Which Mexican bird has a long forked tail?

Sounds like either the scissor tailed or fork tailed flycatcher.

What are the two meanings of swallow?

"Swallow" refers to both the act of moving food or liquid from the mouth into the stomach, as well as a type of bird with a distinctive forked tail and long pointed wings.

What are pompano?

several species of deep-bodied, toothless, silvery fishes inhabiting warm coastal waters worldwide. Some are highly prized as food. Pompanos have small scales, a narrow tail base, and a forked tail.

What car has a forked symbol?

A Maserati has a forked symbol.

What does a swallow look like?

A swallow looks like a metallic blue and black colored bird. It has light grey breast and belly with a long forked tail.

What is the area of Forked Lake?

The area of Forked Lake is 5,050,476.815155201 square meters.