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What is a fragment in writing?

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A fragment is a piece, a small part, a shard. In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge talks about a "fragment of underdone potato".

In writing, a fragment is a piece of a complete sentence. It expresses less than a complete thought. Our speech is filled with fragments, because when we are talking we move from thought to thought without finishing them. We can understand it because when we are talking we have the opportunity of asking for the speaker to complete his thought. That is not possible with writing.

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How to avoid writing a sentence fragment?

In order to not write a sentence fragment, you must always have a subject in your sentence and a predicate. For example: Fragment: Went to the movies. Sentence: I went to the movies.

What is an intentional fragment?

an intentional fragment is a form of writing where you use one word as a sentence. this creates "drama" and makes the word stand out.

What does fragment mean in writing sentences?

It's basically an incomplete sentence, like: Hello I am. a magician.

What is a fragment in English grammar?

In English Grammar a fragment, also known as a sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence. This means that the fragment cannot stand on its own as a sentence.

What is a sentence for fragment?

I have a fragment of glass in my hand. As political agreement could not be achieved, society began to fragment.

Is 'A year that was' a sentence or a fragment?


What is a phrase fragment?

It is a fragment that shouldn't be capitalized or punctuated.

The baby resting in my arms is fragment or sentence?


Is just when you were least expecting it a fragment?

Yes, it is a fragment.

How do you say pig god punish and a person that cheats in Arabic?

First, try writing a coherent fragment or sentence in English and then worry about translation.

What rock has shell fragment feldspar fragment and quartz fragment?

The rock which has fragments of feldsper and quartz is Bioclastic Limestone.

What is the duration of Das zweite Schraube-Fragment?

The duration of Das zweite Schraube-Fragment is 2700.0 seconds.

Fragment in a sentence?

My finger was bleeding, there was a fragment of glass stuck in it.

Is imala will play the solo in the concert a sentence or fragment?


Is she wave sentence or fragment?

"She wave." is fragment but "She waves" is a sentence.

Is while you were talking on the phone to Walter a fragment?

Yes it is a fragment

Is Trying a double somersault a sentence or sentence fragment?


When was Fragment of a Novel created?

Fragment of a Novel was created in 1819.

Is it a sentence fragment a well-constructed sentence?

No, it is a fragment.

How can you tell if a sentence is a sentence fragment?

It is a sentence fragment if it has no subject or no finite verb. A sentence fragment is an incomplete thought.

What is a sentence with the word fragment in it?

They were sure he was a fragment of her imagination.A large fragment of the shattered vase flung across the room.I can only remember a fragment of what happened.

Is there a fullstop at the end of sentence fragment?

There may or may not be a full stop at the end of a sentence fragment. It is the grammatical content that determines whether it is a fragment. For example, 'She opened the' is a fragment, whether there is a full stop after it or not.

How do you revise a sentence fragment?

Make each fragment into a complete sentence.

How many syllables are there in fragment?

Fragment has two syllables. Frag-ment

After the storm sentence or fragment?

"After the storm," is not a complete sentence so it is a fragment.

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