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Q: What is a frozen water vapor that falls to earth as flakes called?
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Frozen water vapor that falls to earth as flakes?


What is a frozen water vapour that falls to earth as flakes?


What is the process when water falls to the earth after condensing into cloud form?

Water falling from clouds is called precipitation, or more commonly, rain (or snow, if the water is frozen).

What is it called when rain falls to the earth?


What is it called when the earth is between the sun and the moon?

If the Earth's shadow falls on the Moon, it is called a lunar eclipse.

Has Angel Falls ever frozen?

No, angel falls hasnt frozen before because of the warm weather they have in vevzuela!

What year was so cold that Niagara Falls was totally frozen?

Niagara Falls was completely frozen in 1911

When liquid falls to earth as rain it is called this?

water jackass

When Moon's shadow falls on the earth?

It is called a solar eclipse.

What are the ratings and certificates for Under the Frozen Falls - 1948?

Under the Frozen Falls - 1948 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

what tiny ice crystals fall in the sky in winter?

You may be referring to snow. If you come from a climate where you have never seen it, it is water vapor frozen into whitish-colored ice crystals, and in winter, it falls in flakes onto the ground.

What is the name of a piece of stone or metal that falls from space to earth?

If it falls on the Earth, it would be called a meteorite. If it burns up in the atmosphere, it is called a meteor and if it doesn't enter the atmosphere it is a meteoroid.