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You should give your wife a little scavenger hunt or something to that effect. If you are taking her out to dinner, get an old watch and stop it at, let's say, 6 pm. That will be the time she needs to be ready. Enclose this in an envelope. Or whatever you have bought her, give her little cards leading her to her present -- this would be a sweet, fun and unique way to surprise your wife.

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Q: What is a fun and unique way to surprise your wife on Mother's Day?
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The another Source says the Wife Appreciation day which i guess is Wife's Day is September 16. Now go and surprise her..nicely.

What are some creative Mother's Day gifts?

Most mothers get flowers, chocolates, earrings, jeweler for Mothers Day. But a really nice surprise would be a scrap book of all of the family and her children together. It might even make her cry!

Is Mother's Day only for mothers?

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There are so many ideas for presents regarding mothers day. The most popular being flowers. You can also get a special pendant or ring with a unique stone embedded into it or a photo inserted into the ring or pendant.

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