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lookikng for a good name as well

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Q: What is a fun name for a committee for increasing employee moral?
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What is an alternative name for a steering committee?

Leadership Committee

How do you contact GTE service Corp Employee benefits committee about your retirement?

You can contact GTE Service Corp's Employee Benefits Committee about your retirement by reaching out to the human resources department or searching for contact information on the company's official website. You can also check your retirement plan documentation for specific contact details. It is essential to provide them with your full name, employee identification number, and any other relevant information when reaching out for assistance.

What is the name given to a permanent congressional committee?

Standing Committee

What is the birth name of Efren del Moral?

Efren del Moral's birth name is del Moral Ortega, Efren Gilberto.

What is the birth name of Vaness del Moral?

Vaness del Moral's birth name is Martha Vanessa Antonio del Moral.

Other name of fun committee with out using the word fun?

"Other name of fun committee with out using the word fun?"

Name the House congressional committee that controls the budget of the United states?

the committee on appropriations

What is the name the committee picks the final 65 teams in March Madness?

the selection committee

Name three congressional committees?

Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Senate Committee on Appropriations Senate Committee on Armed Services

What is an employee referral name?

Referral Name

When do you capitalize the word committee?

Capitalize the word "committee" when it is part of the formal name of a specific committee, such as "Finance Committee" or "Safety Committee." If used in a general sense, such as "the committee decided," it does not need to be capitalized.

What is a congressional committee appointed specifically to investigate a particular scandal called?

The name for a committee formed temporarily for a specific task is an ad hoc committee.