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What is a godparent in the Sikh religion?

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I am studying Sikhism at school now and i have not read anything saying that Sikhs have godparents. Im not to sure but i think its their parents that lead them through their religion.i hope its true because that's wat i put for my essay in my gcse work!

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Who were the followers of the Sikh religion?

Sikhs are the followers of the Sikh religion.

What is the holy book for the Sikh religion?

The Holy Book of the Sikh Religion is The Guru Granth

What religion is Yuvraj Singh?

Yuvraj singh is a sikh

How did Sikh start?

gurunanak established Sikh religion.

Who is the guru that found the Sikh religion?

Guru Nanak Dev ji originated Sikh religion

Is the Sikh religion the same as the Muslim religion?


Can a Catholic be a godparent to Lutheran child?

That would not be appropriate as the responsibility of a Godparent is to help in bringing up the child in that child's religion. There could be a bit of a conflict of interest if the Godparent is of a different faith.

I have been asked to be a godparent but i am a Sikh and havent been christened can i still be a godparent?

No you cannot be a Godparent if you are not a Roman Catholic. I guess the parents of the child have not consulted the priest before asking you. The moment they approach the church they will have to name another God parent who is baptised in the Roman Catholic Church.

What is jaysean religion?

he is Sikh

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Who was the founder of Sikh religion?

The Founder of the Sikh faith was Guru Nanak.

What is sikh?

A Sikh is a type of follower who follows and practices the Sikhism religion.

What language does Sikh come from?

The Sikh religion speaks Punjabi, you know, since the birthplace of the religion is in Punjab India

What is Jay Sean's religion?

He is a Sikh. But he is a shame to the sikh community because he hides his sikh name(kamaljit singh jhooti) for a western name. His honest religion is sell out.

Is guru nanak a Sikh guru?

yes he is he is the first guru in the Sikh religion

What does langer mean in the Sikh religion?

It is a place where people meet and eat in Sikh

What religion requires men not to cut your hair?

in Sikh religion

What religion was Kalpana Chawla?

she was a Sikh

Where is the center of the Sikh religion?


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