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I know of a spooky Halloween tale called THE HAUNTED MASK by R. L. Stine. It is a book in the widely popular

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Q: What is a good Halloween book for elementary age kids?
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The TI 10 Elementary Calculator is a good calculator for kids.

What is a good Halloween play for kids?


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by the way, I need to go to a PRIMARY/ELEMENTARY school Halloween party for kids. I am entering in the fancy dress competion and I need something creative.

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sHe qAvE DaH KidS PenNIeS..

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A cougar assignment book is a empty book where the kids at Crescent Elementary School write their homework.

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A good book for kids is The Mitten by Jan Brett. It is more for little kids. A book for middle school aged kids is Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. For kids who you want to get into reading for boys I recommend Diary of a wimpy kid series and for girls, dork diaries. More great books for upper elementary school and middle school are Criss Cross, The girl who could fly and 11. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** the harry potters are good foe upper elementary and middle school kids Enid Blyton's Noddy series are good for younger kids.. see here for review

What is a sentence with renounced and enjoyed?

I enjoyed renouncing the book for the elementary kids today

easy costumes to make at home?

It'm amazing how simple a good costume can be to make! Look at for some good ideas. Happy Halloween

What are some good books for elementary kids?

Junie b Jones

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if you want to scare the kids

What are real good movies for kids?

good movies for kids are hop , yogi bear , Halloween series , scream 4, 3,2,1, and scream

Where can someone find great ideas on good pranks for kids at Halloween?

One can find many Halloween pranks for kids online. There are over thousands of videos on YouTube that show and describe some pranks that people can perform on Halloween.

What are some good Halloween crafts?

A great Halloween craft may be carving pumpkins for kids. Another Halloween craft for children would be creating their own costume.

Why is Halloween good for kids?

cause u scare them and its funny and they get free lollies

What projects can I have my kids do?

It depends on how old your kids are. For kids in the 3rd to 5th grades in Elementary, you can assign kids projects like reading book and write report and some science projects.

Can kids wear fursuits at Halloween?

Kids can wear just about anything on Halloween.... fursuits? Why not?

What are some good party favors for a Halloween party for kids?

Good party favors for a Halloween party for kids can include a number of things, like candy and other treats, Halloween themed objects like pencils and erasers, as well as novelty items, like rings, fake spiders, etc.

Who stole Halloween?

Who Stole Halloween is a children's book written by Martha Freeman. It is the second book in the Chickadee Court and is for kids with a 4th-6th grade reading level. The book is the mystery of a cat, named Halloween, who went missing, followed by other missing cats, and the adventures that Alex and Yasmeen go on to find out where he disappeared to.

Where can I find some halloween crafts for kids?

You can find some Halloween craft for kids at Walmart, your local Halloween store, or at target. You can even make your own at your house for Halloween.

Is the Book of Mormon for kids?

Depends on how old. If they are good with the Bible, they'll be good with the Book of Mormon. There are Book of Mormon storybooks made for kids, if they are too young to read the regular book.

What are some good kids Halloween decoration ideas?

I'd recommend making your own decorations. This can be as simple as buying little pumpkins for all of the kids and letting them paint faces on them. Halloween does not have to be an expensive venture.

Where can I download free sewing patterns for Halloween costumes for kids?

One great site to find patterns and directions for making Halloween costumes for kids is Family Fun. You can find them at Another good resource is I also recommend that you check out for a list of places to find free patterns.

Is The Cay a good book for kids?

This is a good book for 5th to 7th grade in my estimation.

What book is a good chatper book for kids?

Charlotte's Web

Where might one find Halloween recipes appropriate for kids?

One can find Halloween recipes appropriate for kids in many different places. Some web pages with very good ideas are MyRecipes, Parents, BBC Good Food and Kraft Recipes.