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Manuka oil is also from Australia and is more powerful and gentler on the skin than tea tree oil. It can be ordered online and used the same way as tea tree oil.

The active ingredient in tea tree oil can also be found in medicinal Thai ginger called plai. It is available outside of Thailand as an essential oil.

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Q: What is a good Substitute for tea tree oil?
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Malayalam word for tea tree oil?

tea tree oil

What is a substitute for tea tree oil?

Manuka oil is also an Australian oil but is more powerful and gentler on the skin. It has a mild, woody aroma. It can be ordered online and used the same as tea tree oil.

What can you substitute for epsom salt for infection?

A person can substitute tea tree oil for Epsom salt for an infection. Table salt can also be used as a substitute.

What is the difference between tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil?

Eucalyptus oil is the oil from the Eucalyptus tree and and Tea Tree Oil is the oil from the Tea Tree.

Can tea tree oil or tea oil be used for toothache pain?

Tea Tree essential oil is good for disinfection, but for pain, nutmeg essestial oil may be a better choice.

What is tea tree oil gel good for?

Tea tree oil is naturally good for blemishes and spots and can take the redness out of pimples......I hope I have helped!!

Is coconut oil good for hair?

Probably, but not as good as Tea Tree oil...

What is in tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is oil that comes from Melaleuca tree that are native in Australia. It is known that tea tree oil are very useful as antiseptic, which means it is good to kill bacteria, and it is also good as antifungal, which kills yeast spores or fungus. Thus, it is used by Australian army as one of its first aid treat. But today, tea tree oil has many benefits and is used in many different ways such as aromatherapy and cosmetics.

Is tea tree oil good for your hair?

Yes. :)

What is the tree tea oil called in Tamil?

tea tree oil

Do you have to dilute tea tree oil with water?

No you do not, however it is recommended you do not take this product orally. It tastes disgusting, tea tree oil is good for feet, hair and spots!

Is tea tree oil good for piercings?

Tea tree oil is good for treating hypertrophic scarring. Which is really common with cartilage piercings. Otherwise, its unnecessary. Its also pretty drying so you can have problems with that.

Is tea tree oil good for cleaning?

very good when mixed with your mom

Where to get tea tree oil in Mumbai?

i want tea tree oil from mumbai

Can you ingest tea tree oil?

No. Tea tree oil can be toxic when ingested

What do you call Tea tree oil in Hindi?

Tea tree's latin name is Melaleuca alternifolia. It has no direct sanskrit, Hindi or any Indian name. It is a native of Australia. There's another herb of the same species known as Melaleuca leucadendron, which is called kayaputi in Sanskrit and hindi. This plant's oil is known as Cajupet or Cajuput oil. This is river tea tree or white tea tree. It is different from original tea tree though belongs to the same family and possesses almost similar action. Cajuput oil is a bit more irritant so generally Tea Tree oil is used as its substitute. Dr. H. Wason

What is another word for tea tree oil?

Another word for tea tee oil is melaleuca oil. The tea tree oil is extracted from the melaleuca, a native Australian large shrub or small tree.

Can tea tree oil cure gingivitis?

Yes, the tea tree oil cure gingivitis.

What is the urdu word for tree tea oil?

Tea Tree Oil soap available in karachi.Pakistan

Can you get chlamydia from tea tree oil?

It's spread by a bacterium. You won't get it from using tea tree oil.

How do you prevent acne quickly?

Tea tree oil is very good for that sort of thing , I'm 12 and my acne is okay appart from the occasional spot , I bought my tea tree oil from superdrug for about £3

Where does tea tree oil come from?

Tea tree, or melaleuca, oil is a substance taken from the leaves of a narrow-leaved tea-tree. This tree, or shrub, is native to Australia and is found along streams.

Does tea tree oil help keep you from getting lice?

yes,tea tree oil does prevent you from getting lice proved by several personal opinions and facts studied by a couple scientist's.its a good moisturiser ,good cleaner and has a satisfying aroma

How much tea tree oil do you use for lice?

tea tree oil has a anhesive in it the kills all lice. i hade lice once my mother got tea tree oil and it worked

Can you make tea tree oil with tea bags?

No. Tea (the beverage) is made from the Camellia sinensisplant. Tea tree oil is made from a completely unrelated plant, Melaleuca alternifolia.There is an oil made from the tea plant, but it is made from the seeds of the plant, not the leaf. This oil is called "tea oil" and is not the same as tea tree oil.

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