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You don't really specify if you're looking for a non-toxic/environmentally friendly cleaner or a conventional (chemical) cleaner. But since we need to take better care of our earth I'll recommend a good "non-toxic" cleaner.

It's called basic H2 and can be purchased through an Independent Shaklee Distributor.

Basic H was invented by Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee in 1960. He believed products should be as good for the earth as they are good for you. Basic H is still available but Basic H2 is its successor. It's an organic, super cleaning concentrate and has hundreds of uses. Just 2 drops in 16 oz of water makes glass and mirror cleaner.

A 16 oz bottle costs about $10 bucks and will make 48 gallons of all purpose cleaner - so you can see it's cost effective!

Basic-H was selected as an official Earth Day product, has been used on Jacques Cousteau's ships, in the Biosphere 2 Project, and by many other environmental groups.

And, yes, it works : )

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Q: What is a good all purpose cleaner?
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