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Have you ever thought on video lessons? Take a look at it worked for me. Good Luck

Is there any other stuff? I'd rather have a book.

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Can you learn guitar then bass guitar?

Many people learn to play the guitar and then a bass. Paul McCartney is a good example.

How do you play chords on a guitar?

For that there are many chords in guitar, you might wanna learn or get a book about it.

How do you become a gutiarist?

learn how to play the guitar and you will be a guitarist! go buy a book or DVD on "how to play guitar"

Can guitar be learned using garageband lessons?

not if you want to be the best learn basics by a book of chords/power chords once you have a couple down learn by ear no matter how long it takes and i guarantee you will be good ( guitar takes patience to be the best)

What are some good advanced things to learn on the guitar?

Artificial harmonics, tapping,and arpeggios are good to learn.

Where can you get a book to learn how to play the Martin Backpacker guitar?

You can get it at any music or book store. Or get it on Ebay

Where can you learn to play bell Book and Candle on guitar?

For suggestions on how to best play Bell Book and Candle on the guitar, please refer to the related link.

Which website is a good website to learn guitar?

Youtube is a good way to learn how to play new songs on the guitar, most videos go through the basic chords to play.

Do you have to learn guitar before you learn electric guitar?

umm well if u question is ''do you have to learn acoustic guitar before electric then NO it is all the same its just a differt kind if you no what i mean its good to no somthing about playing guitar before you rush in and buy one : ) It is good to have acoustic guitar lessons before you move on to electric guitar. The reason is that the electric guitar sound is amplified, and you do want to be playing the wrong stuff on a electric guitar.

When is the best time to learn the guitar?

Its always good to learn the guitar, if you can start at the age of 8 - 12 If you love that instrument, age do not matter.

Do you have to learn acoustics guitar before you learn bass guitar?

No, and the base guitar is easier to learn.

Where can you get good guitar songs?

If you are looking for a good place to learn some songs on your guitar, then i would recommend this sight

What are some good rock songs to learn on the guitar?

paint it Black is easy to learn and is fun

How do you teach yourself to play the guitar when your only 11 years old?

If your fingers can bridge the neck of the guitar, you can learn to play it on your own. You can buy a beginner's book, or you can Google "free guitar lessons" and learn some chords from there.

Is there a DVD that teaches you how to play the guitar?

There are plenty! Amazon will be a good resource for you to try to find which one is best for your needs. One of the titles I've found that seems to be good is Guitar for the Absolute Beginner, which comes with a DVD as well as a book to help you learn to play.

I don't expect this to be easy to answer but does anyone know if the Stagg L320 Electric Guitar would be good for learning to play guns n roses songs?

Actually, any guitar is good to learn on. Although the smaller the neck on the guitar, the easier it is to play or learn on.

What are some books that can help one learn to play the 12 string bass?

Some good books to learn to play the 12 string bass include Fingerpicking 12-String Guitar Method Book/CD Set by Mel Bay, Fingerpicking 12-String Guitar Method by Tommy Flint, 12-String Guitar, and Guitar Aerobics. There are also many DVDs available.

Where can one learn about the strings of a guitar?

A site that teaches people how to play guitar will help one to learn the different strings of a guitar as well as which strings play which notes. Another option is to purchase a book from retailers like Hastings that will help with beginners at guitars.

What is a good instrument to learn?

i think guitar is the best..., because if you play the guitar you can choose a type of song .... like, acoustic or rock..

Do you have to learn classical guitar lessoons to learn Bass?

Not at all, although it would give you good lessons in music theory.

Should you learn viola or cello?

It is good to learn an instrument but maybe not those particular ones... try guitar or piano!

Can you learn to play the guitar in one day?

No. If you start in a lesson book you might play a simple song the first day. Do try. You might have years of enjoyment in front of you. There is so much to learn about guitar playing that it is impossible to learn it all in one day.

What good song to learn on guitar?

There are loads, and it depends on your ability. I recommend Stairway to Heaven.

What is a good simple song to learn on guitar?

guardian angel by red jumpsuit apparatus

What is a good song for a beginner to learn on guitar?

Smoke on the Water, it's really easy.