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Ther is no miracle plan for this, but here ae some suggestions. First, a high protein, low fat, low carbohydrate diet. Exercises include push-ups, chin-ups, dumbell curls, tricep overhead extensions, and sqeezzing a tennis ball for your forearms. Also, dips between two sturdy chairs similar to parallel bars.

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Is it best to diet and exercise for health?

It both good to diet and exercise for maintaining good heath. Either one by themselves will not give you the results you are looking for. Diet feeds your body the nutrients it needs and exercise keeps the body maintained and functioning well.

why diet and exercise fail good for us or not?

According to my recent studies on this particulat topic, I would have to say that diet and exercise does not fail us and food and exercise are good for us. This is what keeps us healthy.

What is good for the body?

Healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

What strenghtens your heart and improves?

Good diet and exercise

Where can I find a diet exercise Plan?

Cardio exercise is very important when it comes to losing weight. You can find a very good diet and exercise program at or at

What is good treatment for a bulging disc?

The most common type of bulging disc treatment is exercise and conditioning to recover and prevent further problems. Normally surgical treatment is the last thing a doctor will consider.

How can a girl gain muscle in her arms?

Women can gain muscle in their arms the same way that men do. You gain muscle mass by eating a healthy diet high in protein and exercising. Pushups are a good exercise to work arm muscles.

Is kite surfing good exercise?

Its extremely good exercise for the upper body, arms and legs. Your muscles always ache afterwards.

What are the benefits of a balanced diet and taking exercise?

You look good?

How do you kill skin tags?

Good varied diet and exercise

What can make you sleep better at night?

exercise, good diet habits (not eating to close to going to bed -3hrs) and a better diet with less simple sugars in general. EXERCISE! Good eating habits can help but its mostly exercise. <3

Why is diet and exercise so important?

Diet and exercise are important to maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress and keep your body in general good working condition.

Can I diet without exercise?

There are many diets that don't involve actual exercise. For example, low calorie diets can help you lose weight by planning out what you eat as opposed to how much you exercise. An example for you for a good diet to explore would be "The Lunchbox Diet' or"The Ultimate Tea Diet'.

What is the requirement of good health?

in my opinion: plenty of exercise, helthy diet

What is a good diet for a dog?

no table food , water, exercise, and sleep

How do you lose 30 lbs in two months?

Exercise and good diet.

What type of exercise program should be incorporated with the six week diet?

Exercise is important for any diet program. Cardio is the most important type of exercise. Running, jogging or walking is a good cardio exercise to go along with dieting.

What makes a perfect diet?

A good balance of good food and exercise Watch your sodiem and carbs.

How do you get buff body?

Good diet and good exercise are the requirements for getting a buff body (not that I have one).

What are my diet and exercise plan options for losing weight?

The diet and exercise plan options for losing weight is to get into a good routine by staring with what you eat. Then you need to program your body to exercise 15 to 20 min. a day.

How can gain good health?

take a heathy diet exercise every day

How do you grow really tall?

Eat a good diet, exercise, and have tall parents.

How do you control ones weight?

Through a good diet, plenty of sleep, and exercise.

What are 4 of the five main factors that contribute to good health?

Diet Rest Exercise Good Posture

What is a good diet plan for men to lose weight quickly?

A good diet plane would be one that incorporates both healthy eating and a strong exercise program. You want to build lean muscle mass with the exercise program but fuel the workouts with your diet.

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