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What is a good estimate for a Mossberg model 190K-A 16 gauge bolt action 3 shot clip shotgun with a variable choke?


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2005-09-15 20:01:40
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$50 to $100 depending on condition.


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No, the Mossberg 395 is a bolt action shotgun, NOT a semi-Automatic shotgun. It is a fine bolt action though.

The Mossberg model 185D bolt action shotgun was made from 1947-1959.

The value of a 410 Mossberg Model 183T bolt action shotgun is between $150 and $300. The overall condition of the shotgun plays a large part in its value.

Yes. It is a 20 ga. youth pump action shotgun.

Mossberg made that shotgun for Montgomery Ward's Western Field fun line. It was the Model 185 in Mossberg shotgun line.

Mossberg, It's the same as a Mossberg 385K

Depends on the shape it's in. $75.00-$125.00 would be a good estimate though. This is a Mossberg shotgun made in the 50's most likely.

Yes, there were several made, mostly by Mossberg.

The Mossberg model 200 slide action 12guage shotgun is worth anywhere from $100 to $250, depending on condition.

Mossberg, it is their M#85 ( I'm assuming that this is a bolt action shotgun).

I would pay $150 for one is good working condition with all parts. Wood and finish must be VG as well. There is little demand due to the fact it is 16 Ga, three shot mag, and bolt action.

Your Montgomery Ward's shotgun was made for them by Mossberg, and is likely a Mossberg model 85 or 85b. Gunpartscorp has 20 guage magazines on their website (under Mossberg, Model 85b) for about $32 plus shipping.

The value of a Mossberg New Haven bolt-action 12 gauge shotgun actually depends on a couple things. Most important would be the condition of the shotgun.

No age records, most likely a Mossberg shotgun, values $50-$75.

If your Mossberg is a bolt action shotgun, about $80-100. These are well built utility grade guns- no major collector interest, but durable and reliable.

Your shotgun was made by the firm Mossburg and Sons.The Mossberg model 550AB is the same as your shotgun.

this is not exactly an antique or anything, mossberg made tons of these inexpensive shotguns-retail value:$75-$90

The Mossberg model 83B shotgun in 410 gauge was a shotgun that held either 3,or 4shots which had a internal top loading magazine.these were made from 1933-1946.It should be noted that this model was a bolt action shotgun with usually a 24in barrel.Other lengths could be ordered I believe.

Mossberg made most of the Hawthorne bolt action shotguns. They were sold as a Montgomery Wards special.

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