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What is a good ice Pokemon to use in Pokemon Crystal for Game boy Colour?

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A good ice type would be whatever you want or can catch. Some of the "better" ice types would be Dewgong or Cloyster, or even an Articuno. For a complete list of ice types, go to

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Pokemon Crystal version cheats that get you good Pokemon?

There are no cheats for any Pokemon game unless you have an action replay.

Where is water Pokemon in the grass in Pokemon Crystal?

good question! :P

Where do you get the good rod in the Crystal version of Pokemon for Game Boy Color?

The fisherman in Olivine will give it to you. His house is in the center of town.

How do you beat Team rocket at lake of rage on Pokemon crystal?

get good Pokemon

What are good Pokemon in crystal?

Suicune, Raikou, and Entei

What is a good Pokemon adventure game for Wii?

There is no such thing as a good Pokemon game.

Who the top six Pokemon to have in any Game Boy game?

Well I think, in Crystal Version anyway, that Typhlosion-Lugia-Ho Oh-Suicune-Raikou-and any other Pokemon you like would be a good 6

Is Pokemon Conquest a good game?

yes it is a good game because pokemon makers improved the game

Where can you find a good Pokemon game?

gamestop Pokemon platnums good.

Crystal maze unlock code?

35607 this is the code to unlocking crystal maze game and good luck.

How do you get good cheats in Pokemon cristal?

gameshark codes will be found for it on or i have cool codes to encounter celibi in the wild, but sadly my gameshark codes did not save :[ p.s. you spelt Pokemon crystal wrong you put cristal it is crystal by the way you should check out for game walkthroughs

How do you get dratini in Pokemon Crystal?

In Pokemon Crystal you can find Dratini in Dragon's Den and Route 45. To find and catch Dratini you will need to use the Good Rod or Super Rod.

Where can you get the good rod in Pokemon Crystal?

Olivine City, left of the Poké Mart.

What is the best Pokemon game for the gba?

Pokemon emerald is the one with the most features, i have them all and to me it is the best. I like you. My brother says Emerald stinks, but it is probably my favorite, aswell. In Emerald you have a "PokeNav", and you can call people, there is a map on it, and see if people would like to battle again. Emerald is awesome! I also enjoyed Pokemon Crystal, but you can only get that game for the GBA and the Game Boy Color. Have fun with Pokemon! (P.S. It all depends on your opinion on which Pokemon game is the best!) 2)I think Pokemon crystal is the best.You have good starters.It has good story line.Nice legendaries.And the best part of it is that you go to kanto and can also battle Gary(gym)ash(mt.silver)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.you can save people(game people) phone numbers,they might phone you for simple news,give items,battle you,show you rare Pokemon,give tips.There are many interesting places to visit in Jhoto and there is a bug catching contest.THere are timings for day and night.The characters is good looking also.It may not have good graphics or anything but its an awesome game in my opinion 3)If you are willing to play on VBA on PC the you can try Light Platinum or Liquid Crystal. LP is a new game on a new region and LC is a gba remake of crystal. Both have great graphics and a lot of pokemon. You can google their names to download them.

For Pokemon fans is platinum a good game?

yes its an awesome game for Pokemon fans

Pokemon Colosseum for game cube?

good game.

A good name for a Pokemon game?

Some good names for the next Pokemon games, in my opinion, would be Pokemon Eclipse and Pokemon Twilight. Then, the third game would be Pokemon Aurora. maybe Pokemon quarts

Is Pokemon hunters of life a good game?

No, Pokemon hunter of life is not a good name.

Is Pokemon quartz a good game?


What is the ultimate Pokemon game?

The ultimate pokemon game is......pokemon red and blue as it is more challenging And pokemon diamond as they have very good pokemon like infernape

How can I get a water pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?

I suggest you get a rod (Old rod, good rod, super rod) or find HM03 (Surf).

Is it good to have zubat at the start of the game Pokemon platinum?

Well it will be good for some Pokemon battles.

Is Pokemon soul silver good?

Yes because your Pokemon can walk with you. Even water Pokemon that don't usually walk. But only one at a time and not while your surfing or cycling! n_n if it wasnt im a zombie Z.Z If you liked Pokemon Crystal and other old games and you enjoy ledgendaries in-game and you like actually interacting with your Pokemon and you like not-lame Safari Zones and you want to get lots of awesome brag-worthy Pokemon easily, then, yes, it's a good game. xP

What is the easiest way to beat the Pokemon league in Pokemon Crystal?

there is only one good way to beat a pokemon league in any pokemon game. that is without cheating. for me the best way without buying anything or cheating is to train ur pokemon to level 65 and up. i got through with pokemon level 55 and up but it was harder.

Where can you find a good Pokemon RPG online?

Pokemon lake is a good game and tppc is also quite good and you could consider Pokemon omega