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Probably some Taylor Swift or maybe 'Hello' from Glee (original by someone else). Some Beatles stuff is good too, like I Want To Hold Your Hand. Or 'Everytime', by Britney Spears.

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What is a good love song by a girl about the guy she loves who has a girlfriend?

girlfriend- Avril lavigne and teardrops on my guitar-Taylor swift

Is the song wonder wall a love song?

Yes it is a love song about his girlfriend who he keeps wondering about.

Does Justin Bieber sing love songs to his girlfriend?

the only love song he sang about his girlfriend was my baby

Who is Jessie j's LOVE song about?

Jessie J's song is about a girlfriend she had.

Is zac eefron do have a girlfriend as of this moment 2011?

llisten to "headphones" by Britt Nicole really good song i love it

What is a good boyfriend girlfriend song?

I think you should play a romantic song based on which singer you and your boyfriend or girlfriend. when you got a good thing by lady antebellum

How do you write a great love song for your girlfriend?

Write what you feel about her! Say that you love her with all your heart!

What does it mean if your boyfriend is crazy in love with his girlfriend?

Well if he is your boyfriend then aren't you his girlfriend. And if he is crazy in love with you isn't that a GOOD thing?

What is a good love song for two thirteen year olds?

A good love song is Taylor Swift ''15"

What is the meaning of the song so in love?

The song was written by Curtis Mayfield to show his love towards his girlfriend. He has written many songs similar to it through his song writing journey.

Who is the girl in Justin Bieber some body love song?

it's his ex girlfriend but they are still good mates xox bieber fan no.1

Mario winans song let me love you was sampled from what original song?

This song has pinched it's sound from Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend from the 80s`

What are good some good love songs?

The best rock love song out there is definatly When I Look Into Your Eyes by Firehouse and Love Of A Lifetime is a good one as well as Forever by Kiss. The ultimate love song comes from the heart so if you love some one write them a song then if you are good on an istrument play it for that person.

How do you say i love you Amharic?

Q is a guy i made this song for him and his girlfriend all day all nightx3 doing stuff with his girlfriend

What is the best love song to sing to a girlfriend?

One that has meaning in your relationship, or one that she loves.

Good love song?

Love Story by Taylor Swift

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