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well, call them something they like or there's no point of saying it at all

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if its your BEST friend= NO PET NAMES

if its you girl/boy friend = cutie, hot stuff, Whats cookin good lookin?

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Q: What is a good name for a best friend?
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Is Nadya a good name?

any name is good and more than good ,if you believe in it ...and i think that name is good because is the name of my best friend

Who is teddy on good luck charlie's best friend's real name?

Raven Goodwin

What is ted's best friend's name?

Ted's best friend's name is Marshall Eriksen.

Who is Nathan Kress's best friend?

Nathan is good friends with all his castmates. Personally, he has a lot of friends and it would be hard to name just one "best friend."

What is Jacob latimore best friend name?

His best friend's name is Sawyer Gibson from Milwaukee

What was Tina turner's best friend name?

Tina Turners best friend's name was Jackie.

Any one know good 'a good friend will a best friend will' jokes?

A good friend will bail you out of jail , a best friend would be sitting next to you in the jail sell.

What are some adjectives that begin with the letter n for a best friend?

A good friend is special. A good friend is supportive.

What is my best friend name?

Whatever nname you give your best friend!

Who is Diana's best friend?

her best friend's name is bianca whittaker.. =)

Is midnight a good name for a chinchilla?

no. it is a horrid name and i think that you should name it Georgina. that was the name of my best friend back when i was a hobo in new york.

What is Spongebob's friend's name?

his best friend's name is Patick Star