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What is a good name for a furniture store?

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Couch Farm Well, that all depends on who your target market is, what marketing message you are trying to convey and where the store is located. For example, Comfy Cozy Furniture may not sit well with an affluent, high-income market. But if you are targeting middle income families who work two jobs and have kids, this might be a good name. My best advice is to do your homework and/or hire a professional naming firm.
Fancy Furnishings

*Your Town's* Furnishings

Furniture Of The Future

Home Sweet Home Furnishings

*Your Last Name or First Name's* Furniture Shop

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A good name for a furniture store targeting middle class shoppers?

Ashley Furniture, American Signature and Value City.

Is Robert Michaels Furniture a good furniture store?

Robert Michael's Furniture store is indeed a good store. They have furniture for living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, entertainment, mattress, and accents.

What is the name of the furniture store that begins with an A?

Ashley Furniture and American Signature are furniture stores. They begin with the letter A.

What is the name of an unfinished furniture outlet in San Marino?

There does not seem to be good furniture store in San Marino that sells unfinished furniture exclusively, but a store does deliver to San Marino. The normal furniture stores might have some unfinished furniture as well, but you might not get the extensive variety you are looking for. A good idea would be to rather travel some distance to a full-fledged store (check the one closest to you on the website suggested).

What is a good title for a furniture store newsletter?

On the Move!

Is the furniture store a proper noun?

No, the compound noun 'furniture store' is a common noun, a general word for any store that specializes in selling furniture.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, or thing. A proper noun for the common noun 'furniture store' is Ashley Furniture Home Store or La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries.

What is the store name that begins with an h?

Harris Teeter is a grocery store. Havertys is a furniture store.

How good is raft furniture?

If you are talking about Raft Furniture Store in London then the furniture is great. We have lots of furniture from there and it is really attractive, comfy and it has not worn out, I don't think it ever will! Really good stuff. Buy the furniture!!

What is the name of the furniture store that is formerly nationwide warehouse in Syracuse ny?

Express Furniture Warehouse

What are some good home stores?

HOM Furniture is a good home store.

What are good places to buy bedroom furniture?

At your local furniture store. Please see the link for a website for buying bedroom furniture.

Where can I find a furniture outlet store online?

A nice online furniture outlet store is Furniture 2 Go. In addition to the furniture deals, they also provide free shipping to some areas. Another good choice is Overstock.

where can I get good teak furniture?

Try a good teak furniture store for good teak furniture. Check online for sellers near you, and go there face to face and see what they have to offer and negotiate before buying.

Where online can I find cheap furniture for sale?

Value City is a good furniture store. You can also look in used furniture stores, some of the furniture looks new.

What is the Adjective form of furniture?

There is no adjective form for the noun furniture. The word furniture is used as part of compound nouns to name things, for example furniture store, furniture finish, furniture polish, etc.

Is a furniture store a proper noun or common noun?

The compound noun 'furniture store' is a common noun a word for any furniture store of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Ashley Furniture Home StoresRon's Furniture House, Mississauga, ON, CanadaRough Stuff Sleeper Furniture, Tshwane, South AfricaKing Furniture Store, Okinawa, Japan

Office Furniture Outlet Quality?

You will often find that the furniture in an outlet store is just as good as the bigger name stores, but this isn't always the case. Be sure to examine all the furniture closely and avoid anything that feels cheap or shoddy.

Where can I get the best patio furniture?

There are many stores that sell good quality patio furniture. One of the store is at the following website ( These patio furniture are made of good quality materials.

What are some furniture stores that begin with the letter s?

Sleepy's is a regional furniture store that sells mattresses. Slumberland is a furniture store. Sleep Train is a furniture store.

What store sells good quality outdoor furniture for cheap? sells very good outdoor furniture, at very low prices. I do think there is a wide selection of outdoor furniture and personally I would buy some of there furniture.

What is a good name for a store?

Chick Licks is a good name for a store

Where does Canada get its furniture?

from the furniture store

How do you get 5 star furniture in Fable 2?

You get 5 star furniture in Fable 2 by either going to the Bowerstone Market furniture store or Bloodstone furniture store. Bowerstone's Furniture is most likely to have the 5 star furniture. Most of the pieces that a 5 star will have the word "luxury" in the front of the piece's name.

Where can I buy some sunroom furniture?

Sun room furniture can be found online through an online outdoor furniture store. You may want to check a good renovation center store for this item. This can also be found online.

Where is a good place for furniture in Mississippi?

Some popular furniture stores in Mississippi include Ashley Furniture, Coaster Furniture, Miskelly Furniture, Sears, JC Penney, Great American Home Store and Macys.

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