Best Answer is a good poetry website. It is nicely designed and has good quality. is a very good poetry website if you want to share your own poetry, enter your poetry or haiku into competitions, or like to see other amateur artists poems.

Non-Amateur SitesA good overview site is, and if you search for specific poets you can find other great sites as well.

Be very careful of sites like, because they primarily are trying to get your money. *Anyone* who posts a poem there, no matter how good or bad, will get a letter telling them they have been selected for something and asking the poet to pay money for something... a book with their poem in it, or whatever it is. It isn't getting published anywhere but in those massive books, and that is not how professional poets break into the business.

A good site for professional authors is They have lots of poems there, and you can search by author or by themes, like death or love. is a scam. Go the people there are friendly, and there are MANY great poets on there.

There are other good sites like The good thing about this site is they have many poems of great artists.

*why did you say that is a scam? i have posted some of my poems there, i thought it's a real good site...I'll try the other site you suggested. thanks.

If you think your poem might make good lyrics for a song, there is a great songwriters website out there called: You can upload your poems and a songwriter might pick it up and put it to music. Just discovered it today. very cool.

Wow cool! I'll check that out...I actually like to write a song but dont know how to put notes LOL so songs turned into poems hehehe thanks for that...I'll send one on there. :-)


Its a good, trusted website (for me). And you can submit your own poems, etc... Enjoy!


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Q: What is a good poetry website?
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Can you take me to a poetry website?

Why not try the Google search engine. Put in the word: poetry and if that doesn't work, add the word: website.

What are some good poetry topics?

You can find good daily poetry topics at the Daily Poetry Club (

Where can one download some Haiku poetry?

One can download some Haiku poetry from websites usch as Haiku-Poetry (org website), Haiku In Southsea UK and Download32. One can also download Haiku poetry from Japan21 website and Primary Resources UK.

Is modernist poetry really as effective as traditional poetry?

Of course it is. If done well. All eras of poetry produced small amounts of magnificent poetry and boatloads of bad poetry. Good poetry is always good no matter what form or time period it is written in.

What did Michelangelo do in his spare time?

He wrote poetry, good poetry!

Where can you find simple rhyming French poetry?

Below is a link for a children-oriented poetry website (in French).

Where would be a good place to find some poems about love?

Poetry America's website is an excellent source of love poems. Anita's poems, Poetry, Buzzel are three other great online sources of poems about love.

Where can one find a list of American poetry publishers?

One can find a list of American poetry publishers from the Poetry Society of America. The "Poetry Publishers" page of this website provides names of publishers alphabetically.

What is the good poetry?

Good poetry is delight and knowledge in one, just as heat and light are inseparable in a flame. The main function of poetry is to elevate human mind. It adds velocity and gives momentum for human mind to take off. Good poetry will always satisfy all these demands. In this context it is also good to remember that poetry is musical thought too.

What is good about poetry?

Everything! Poetry is painting pictures with words and as for me,It's awesome!

What is a good short poetry book?

Edgar Allen Poe's raven and other poetry

What is a good website for poetry criticism .Please make it a reliable website like org gov net edu things like that no com?

Try the link below. There are plenty of others that you could find by searching in your browser.

Why is poetry good?

It soothes your soul.

How do you become a good poetry reader?

One becomes a good poetry reader through experience. The more poems one has read, the more experienced he becomes in understanding poetry. A well experienced poetry reader can know the meaning, word pattern, rhyme scheme and the message in a poem at one look. It is not academic achievement but taste that determines and makes a good poetry reader.

What is the best source of poetry for kids?

There are many different varieties of good sources of poetry for children. These sources include, but are not limited to, books that deal with poetry for children, and family friendly poetry.

Is tonya yolanda burnett a poetry writer?

No, not as far as I can tell. She seems like a blogger who submitted something to a poetry website, but she is not a professional poet.

What can one do on the website called allpoetry?

AllPoetry is a website for posting and reading poetry. One can freely browse others' writings or join for free to post one's own. The site also features poetry contests.

What kind of poetry is sir Patrick spens?

Old, very old, poetry. But good too.

Where can one purchase Gwendolyn books?

One can purchase Gwendolyn Brooks books from the following retailers: Amazon, Poetry Archives, Environmental Press, Good Reads, Poetry Foundation, Gwendolyn Brooks' website, Salem Press to name a few. Prices start from $11.

What is grand scale poetry?

It's a really good piece of poetry and maybe even from a king or queen.

What is overpopular?

it is social network website it is one of good website in social network helloworld good website good website nice website

Is poetry good for education yes or no?

its your opinion

What website would you recommend for submitting poetry I have written?

Here is a webpage with a list of editors that accept online submissions of poetry:

Name some poetry ezines?

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