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Realistically, it is probably not worth much. It may cost more to have a piano like this moved than it is worth.

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Q: What is a good price to sell a wurtlitzer piano which needs tuning and is a bit worn from 70's?
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What is the average price of a piano tuning?

The average price of piano tuning is $100. I charge just $90, here, in Phoenix, AZ - Perfect Piano Tuning, L.L.C.

How much is piano tuning?

I charge a flat rate for piano tuning, $90. This price is middle-of-the-road. Perfect Piano Tuning, L.L.C., Phoenix, AZ.

What is the price for tuning a Yamaha Piano?

Piano tunings vary per area. In Utah, they start out at about $75 per tuning. Sometimes pianos will need several tunings depending on the piano and if it was severely out of tune. You should contact your local piano store for a list of piano tuners. Dunkley Music in Utah

Getting a Better Sound on Your Piano with Piano Tuning?

Do you own an old piano and it just sounds horrible? Do you own a baby grand piano, and every time a person plays the piano, it seems to screech out notes? Maybe you have simply wondered what is wrong with the piano. Some people even think they need to buy a new piano when the sound starts to worsen. The truth is the piano probably just needs a tune up. Pianos are instruments that require a lot of care. Only after a few months can the notes on a piano sound different than they originally sounded. This is because the piano is actually a stringed instrument. Many people do not realize a piano is a stringed instrument, and that the strings loosen due to the ordinary wear and tear of a piano. Because a piano is a stringed instrument, it requires regular maintenance from a person who is a professional at piano tuning. A person who tunes pianos can make any piano sound normal again. Piano tune ups are not expensive, and they are surely a lot cheaper than going out and paying thousands of dollars for a new piano! For the person who wants a piano to sound better at the lowest cost possible, getting a piano tune up is highly recommended. A piano tune up can actually save a piano too. If a piano is near its breaking point, such as it keeps losing keys or parts of it are chipped, a piano tune person can usually fix such parts of the piano. A piano tuner is usually well versed in the instrument of the piano and can fix any part of it that needs a bit of tender care. A piano tuner can also look at any problems one may notice on his or her piano and recommend a solution. If one needs a piano tune up and some problems fixed on a piano, then he or she should call up a piano tuner as soon as possible. Many music stores offer this great service at a very low price. Some piano tuners will even do the job for free, depending on where one bought the piano.

What should you price a Melodigrand 64 key piano for?

imho, the question is who in the world would buy one at all? digital keyboards are now high quality (weighted hammer key action and sound) andmoderate priced- especially if used; whereas who would buy a 64 key piano -think moving and tuning costs -versus, if you want a real piano, getting a similarly sized spinetfree from pianoadoption when theright one pops up(and pay for moving/tuning alone). why go through the trouble of a labor-pricey beginner piano first?

What is the general cost of piano tuning?

Depends on the quality of the technician and the years of experience like with any field. I know of one tech that charges $180 + for the tuning alone.Most technicians do not include pitch raises or repairs. Pitch raises take longer and have nothing to do with the actual tuning of the piano itself. The piano must be brought up or, lowered to, concert pitch before the actual tuning can take place.Repairs also have nothing to do with tuning. An average tuning takes about 1 to 1. 5 hours for most tuners.AnswerThe going price here in the Bangor area of Maine is about $100. The time it takes is at least 2 hours which includes minor adjustments, simple cleaning, and lubrication. There are added charges if there is a repair such as a broken string, replacement of saddle straps, or trimming of dampers that may be buzzing. One of the best piano reference resources is AnswerHere in Los Angeles, I charge between $75 and $125 depending on how bad the piano is and how long it's been since it was tuned last. Please tune your piano at least once a year. Manufactures recommend twice a year.

What is the price range for good piano lamp?

The price of piano lamps varies depending on the type, but (clip on lamp, grand piano lamp or brass piano lamp) from what I gather piano lamps generally range from $106-$410.

What actors and actresses appeared in What Price Piano - 1927?

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What is an Upright piano by New England piano co 31799 worth?

current price, vertical Piano, New England Piano Co. 1881

What is the average price for an electronic piano keyboard?

The average price for an electric piano keyboard is 93 dollars. This will depend on the quality of the keyboard and the location that you purchase it from!

What is the price of a yamaha u1 upright piano?

The price for the Yamaha U1 upright piano starts at $4,995 for a new one. A used model will be significantly less.

What would be the price of a Wurlitzer Piano Model 2725?

what is the value of a wurlitzer piano serial# 155007 model 2725

What is the average price of a piano?

200 euros

How much is 1157 piano worth?

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How much is a reasonable price for new tuning keys and strings for a guitar?

$8-$15 per set

What is the price on a 1961 Wurlitzer spinet piano?


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What is the value of a Haines Brothers baby grand piano?

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What are the piano notes for price tag by Jessie j?

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Where can one find Fisher Price Piano?

One can find a Fisher Price piano from Amazon which will list several prices that the item is selling for as well as customer reviews detailing certain features about the item.

Where can one purchase a Privia digital piano?

You can Purchase a Privia digital piano at zZounds, Shopzilla, Low Price Shopper, Price Machine, Casio, Amazon, eBay and the Casio Music Gear websites.

How much do private piano lessons cost?

The price for piano lesson can vary from location and how well the piano teacher is. You should expect to pay between $50-$100 for a hour session

How do you disable the speed warning on a 1996 Caprice?

A tuning program for the PCM is the correct answer, PCM For Less can do it for you quickly and at a reasonable price.

How much does a new Steinway baby grand piano cost?

I have found that the average price of a Steinway baby grand piano can range from about 24,000-to as much as 38,000$

What is the average cost of tuning a piano the piano in question is a baby grand Kawai.?

Generally it runs about $75-$100. Any more than that and you're getting shafted. It all depends on where you live. In some areas, it costs hundreds of dollars, in others, it only costs $65. $85-$125 is average in my area. The previous poster stating anyone charging more than $100 is charging too much is too general to be true everywhere.It depends what you get for the price as well as your location. one key is stuck in my Kawai baby garnd piano, where can i find someone to fix and tune in sf bay area? piano is aboutn 20 yrs old.