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Cook low carb pasta in a saucepan, once cooked through, empty water and stir through some tuna and a diced roma tomato. This is a very simple recipe that has a good mix of flavours and only 3 ingredients.

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Q: What is a good recipe for a low carb pasta?
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Is a low carb pasta s good recipe for children and people who are low on carbohydrates?

Low carb pasta is a good choice in you are trying to limit your carbs, but low carb diets are not necessarily healthy, especially for growing kids. Instead, try whole wheat or omega-3 enriched pasta, and skip the garlic bread.

Is low carb pasta good for you?

Low carb pasta can be better for you if you are on a low carb diet. If you are burning a lot of energy throughout your day, you should probably get regular pasta. Your body needs the carbs to produce energy.

Which low carb pastas are available?

The best low carb pasta is dreamfield's pasta which is authentic. They have a wide variety of pasta such as: Low digestible pasta rotini, Low digestible pasta lasagna and many more. Dreamfield's also provides delicious pasta sauces to go along with it.

Where can one find low carb pasta recipes?

One can easily find low carb pasta recipes online at several different websites. Low Carb Diets, Miracle Noodles, Food Network, Pronto, and Foodie Fiasco all have low carb recipes.

What are some low carb foods that taste great?

You can get low-carb versions of many regular foods, such as low-carb pasta (Dreamfields is highly recommended), as well as a range of different foods from Carbolite.

What is a good low fat carb recipe?

Something like spaghetti and meatballs can be both low fat, provided the meat is lean, and high in carbohydrates.

What is the key to a well balanced low carb meal?

The key to a good low carb meal is two fold: choose good carbs, and low fat sources of protein. Good carbs include whole wheat pasta, grains and vegetables. Good protein sources include beans, eggs, chicken and pork.

Is a low carb diet a good way to lose weight?

A low carb diet consists of cutting out bread and pasta and replaced with eating additional protein and fats. It is a safe diet, but make sure you are also working in a daily exercise.

Where can I find interesting low carb chicken recipes?

One may find low carb chicken recipes on websites including 'All Recipes', 'Low Carb Diets' and 'FatSecret'. Low carb chicken dishes may be accompanied by salad, broccoli and mushrooms. Generally low carb dishes do not have pasta or rice accompanying them because of the high carbohydrate levels.

Is there such thing as healthy fried chicken, perhaps low carb?

The Food Network website has a recipe for a low carbohydrate version of Southern Fried Chicken, but if you want a more extravagant version there is also a recipe on the Low Carb Luxury website which sounds delicious.

Where can I find good no carb recipes?

One can find good no carb recipes from the following sites; Foodnetwork, Linda's low carb menus and recipes at genaw site, low carb recipes at Food site, and low carb diet from Taste site.

What are some low carb dessert recipes I can try?

There are many low carb dessert recipes available in cookbooks which can be found at a local library. There are also numerous online recipe sites which offer recipes and ratings. A good one to use is Allrecipes.

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