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The student surpassed what he thought he was going to get on the test.

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A sentence for surpass?

Can you surpass my expectations? (surpass = out do, get further, overtake )

What are the sentence using the word surpass?

I aim to surpass your expectations. The existing record will be difficult to surpass.

How do you use surpass in sentence?

To surpass means to do better. Here are some sentences.He will surpass me soon.I can surpass that score easily.If you surpass the top grade, you will be the class valedictorian.

Surpass used in a sentence?

The candidate was able to easily surpass the minimum requirements.

What is a sentence for the word surpass?

Surpass is a verb. He trained hard in the off-season hoping to surpass his performance from the previous season.

Is a sentence with the word surpass?

With just a few more donations, we will surpass our fundraising goal.

How do you use surpass in a sentence?

I've promised our nemeses that we will surpass their every feat next year, and we will!

Use exceed in a sentence?

Examples: I am going to EXCEED in school to get good grades. He is Exceeding the speed limit. Exceed - To go beyond something or to surpass; To be superior at something.

A sentence for emulate?

To emulate means to imitate or surpass either a person or an achievement. A sample sentence would be, "Children often emulate their elders".

What part of speech is surpass?

Surpass is a verb.

Sentence for transcend?

To transcend means to go beyond the limit or surpass something. An example sentence would be: It is always best to transcend the typical limits of thinking.

Surpass in a sentence?

As the vicious, blood thirsty tigers walked into the arena, the whole audience started to scream and disperse. :)

What do you put behind including in a sentence?

Before including files in an e-mail make sure that it won't surpass the allowed size authorized by your provider.

What year will India's population surpass China's?

In all probability, India's population will surpass China's by 2020.

How do you use the word surpassing in a sentence?

"Surpass" is a verb that basically means "to go beyond". For example, "He surpassed me in intellect" (or in your case, use "is surpassing" instead of "surpassed").

What is a good sentence for probability?

There is a high probability that this sentence will not qualify as a good sentence.

When will China's GDP surpass America's?

No one knows the exact date for sure, but there is good reasons to believe it will be around 2020.

Will china surpass the US as the most powerful nation in the world?

Type your answer here... Will China surpass The US In MIlitary Power

What is a good sentence for Bioethics?

what is a good sentence for bio ethics

Synonym for surpass?

excel, outdo

What is Another word for surpass?


How will blackstar surpass god?


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