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i venerate when you come on the radieo

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Q: What is a good sentence for the world venerate?
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Sentence with vererate?

To venerate someone is to treat someone with respect. An example sentence would be: She will always venerate her grandmother.

How do use venerate in a sentence?

They were planning to venerate him at the meeting since he was the oldest member there.

Venerate in a sentence?

Venerable means wise and kind. An example of a sentence would be: "King James was a venerable man, and was beloved by all".

What is a sentence with venerate?

Venerate means to regard with great respect. On holidays such as Memorial Day, we venerate and honor the veterans.

What is a sentence for the word venerate?

Believers of all faiths will venerate Pope John Paul II for generations to come.Many music-lovers venerate Beethoven, and have continued to do so long after his death.Little kids shouldn't venerate Lindsey Lohan because she is a bad idol.

What part of speech is the word venerate?

Venerate is a verb: I venerate, you venerate, he/she/it venerates.

What day do Catholics venerate the cross?

Catholics venerate the Cross every time that they pass in front of it, but there is a special veneration during the Good Friday liturgy in which every one comes forward and kisses the Cross.

How would you use venerate in a sentence?

Here's an example of how it would be used:"The fans venerate the celebrity."Vnerate is, more or less, regard with feelings of respect and reverence.=OI hope I answered your question right and well enough.

How do you use the word venerate in a sentence?

The ancient Mayans would venerate their gods with human sacrifices. Every year the downed plane's survivors gathered at the tomb of the pilot to venerate him for his selfless acts that saved the lives of so many.

Is the sentence The monks bowed low before the massive statue of the reclining Buddha in Bangkok and example of the word Venerate?

Yes, it is.

How do you change venerate to a noun?

The usual noun corresponding to "venerate" is "veneration".

How do you use venerate in asentence?

In some cultures, people venerate their ancestors.