What is a good side dish to have with sushi?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is a good side dish to have with sushi?
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What do you eat sushi with?

Sushi is typically eaten with the fingers. It can be eaten with chop stick. As a dish, sushi is served with some pickled ginger and wasabi on the side.

Is sushi a typical dish from china?

It's a Japanese dish.

Which is your favorite Chinese dish?


What is the traditional dish in China?


What the national dish in japan?


Is sushi a type of seaweed?

No, sushi is a type of Japanese dish, but it does contain seaweed.

How do you say sushi in German?

Sushi, the Japanese term for a raw fish dish, is also used in German.Das Sushi

Is sushi Korean?

No, Sushi is Japanese. However, Korea has a similar dish called Kimbap.

What is the tastiest Japanese dish in Japan?


Is sushi a japanese dish or a Chinese dish?

Sushi is a Japanese dish consisting of shari (cooked vinegared rice) and neta (other ingredients, often raw fish). The word originally means "sour" for the taste of original fermented fish sushi or narezushi.

Which country does the dish of raw fish called Sushi come from?

Sushi is from Japan but it is not a dish of raw fish. Sushi is a Japanese dish of rice, usually with some sugar and salt, combined with a variety of ingredients, such as seafood, vegetables, and occasionally tropical fruits wrapped in seaweed

What is a Japanese raw fish dish?

It is called sushi.