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It depends on the desired result of the spanking. If it is for a young child over the lap so that the child's bottom is facing the spanker's dominate hand would likely be best. This position is also good for a sense of intimacy during the spanking on people older in age.

If the goal is humiliation, the so-called diaper position [spankee being laid on his/her back and the legs raised up by the spanker] is likely best. This position can be altered by making the spankee bring his/her legs up towards the chest and holding them his/herself.

Another position favored by many adults is to have the spankee bent over a piece of furniture.

With children the best position is likely over the knee. While with older people any position that exposes the bottom and permits good leverage to the spanker can be used.

There IS no good spanking position except for consensual spanking adults.

Children are human beings and do not deserved hit anymore than that idiot it the supermarket or the dog down the road.

Discipline means to TEACH not to hit and abuse. Use your brains and not your hands or any implements!

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How is spanking good for a child?

It shows them that the action that they have done is not acceptable. But I wouldn't recommend too much spanking.

Diaper spanking position?

legs up straight in air..girl on back...nude

What are some good spanking experiences?

Spanking can be good for children when it is not done out of anger. When used as a disciplinary technique children will be a lot less likely to act up.

What is a diaper spanking?

This refers to a position. When you change a babies' diaper, you hold the legs up. Similarly, when you give a diaper spanking, the spankee holds his/her legs up while lying on his/her back.

Is spanking common in relationships?

Some good natured, playful, harmless spanking (with consent) is quite common in sex and activities associated with sex.

Is spanking naughty?

defenitly don't spank them over everything i would give them one worning say "if you dont stop your gonna get a spanking" if they still act up give them a good old fashioned spanking! give her a HARD, HURTFUL, good oldfasioned spanking if she wont listen If a girl or bpy for that matter is being deliberately defiant, or naughty, I have no qualms about giving them a good old fashioned spanking over my lap. A proper spanking should be applied solely to the buttocks, either covered (shorts or panties) or on the bare. I prefer bare, especially if the child is a bit older. This adds an element of embarassment that will be remembered long past the pain of a spanking and MOST will not want a repeat and will act accordingly.

Is spanking teen good or bad?

depends if its the parent or the boyfriend/girlfriend ;)

Why is the diaper spanking position so embrassing for adult females?

Because visibility of private, also available for male

Can spanking be exercise?

No, spanking can not be considered exercise.

What is a severe spanking?

A spanking that has been sore for more then a few days

Why do kids get spanking?

Because parents want what is good for you and would not like to spoil you

Is spanking good for a pulled muscle in your bottom?

No, but a massage and heat would be nice.

Does Sweden allow spanking?

Spanking is illegal in Sweden.

Is spanking illegal in Sweden?

Spanking is illegal in Sweden

What is a sentence for spanking?

She started spanking the boy after he did shout. This is a sentence which contains the word spank.

Was there ever spanking on the Waltons?

yes therewas a spanking on the Waltons

Is spanking wrong?

Spanking teaches a child that violence is needed.

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The ISBN of Spanking Shakespeare is 0375840852.

When was Spanking Shakespeare created?

Spanking Shakespeare was created in 2007.

When was Spanking Hour created?

Spanking Hour was created in 1996.

How do you find others that enjoy spanking?

go to spanking clubs....

What age should you stop spanking?

I think you should stop when they start high school but still if they really act up in high school give them a good spanking once in a while

What are some good spanking websites?

well there is firm hand and otk

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