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What is a good speech?


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September 13, 2012 4:34PM

Hi, I'm Katie. I've been trying to find a speech too. I want to be a house point captain but we need to make a speech. Well here I go it might not be the best speech but I hope it will help...

Good Moring/ Afternoon everyone I want you to all know how much I want to be a house captain. I will promise to work hard to be the leader that you will be proud of. I will always try to be respectful, responsible, honest, trustworthy and reliable. I will always take my responsibility's seriously and always with a smile. Please vote me as a Captain, I wont let you down. Thank you for listening and please vote me.

There's my speech I know it's not the best but yanno:)<3xxxxx

Sorry it's short :) <3x