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What is a good speech?

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Hi, I'm Katie. I've been trying to find a speech too. I want to be a house point captain but we need to make a speech. Well here I go it might not be the best speech but I hope it will help...

Good Moring/ Afternoon everyone I want you to all know how much I want to be a house captain. I will promise to work hard to be the leader that you will be proud of. I will always try to be respectful, responsible, honest, trustworthy and reliable. I will always take my responsibility's seriously and always with a smile. Please vote me as a Captain, I wont let you down. Thank you for listening and please vote me.

There's my speech I know it's not the best but yanno:)<3xxxxx

Sorry it's short :) <3x

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Give speech on topic give me a good mother i will give you good mother?

Speech of mother good

What is a good starting sentence in a speech?

a good starting sentence for a speech is hi m name is soand so and my speech is on________

When is speech is good?

a speech is good when the topic you've brought forward involves your audience and you present it in a simpler way as possible and lastly a speech is good when you understand your topic

What is a good school council speech?

A good school council speech is from the heart, if you go onto yahoo answers i dunno but there are lots of good speech openers for you xx

What is a good house captain speech?

A good house captein speech has to be loud confident and inspiring

What is a good introduction for republic day speech?

a good start for a republic day speech is good morning to one all

A world hunger speech?

this is a good ideal a perfect speech

Is evolution a good speech topic?

If it is a science speech, yes

What is a good title for a speech about spies?

One is Speech Spies

What is a good speech for student PIO?

Speech p i o

What happened after Gettysburg Address speech?

everybody thought it was a short speech. so they thought it was not good. after a week or so, they realized it was the best speech they ever heard, and i think it is a pretty good speech.

What are good speech topics for matric?

The use of matrix in various industrial applications is a good speech topic for matrix. The use of matrix in our day to day lives is another good speech matrix.

Is it good to do a speech on Black Ops?

If it is a gaming speech, yes. If it is a speech about something not related to gaming, no. If it is a speech to "majority battlefield supporters", no.

What is a good intro for a basketball speech?

a good intro for a basketball speech is : this is dedicated to all the people that love basketball

What are some good speech topics?

There are a lot of good speech topics, such as m&amp;m's, hershey kisses, and animals.

What is a good golden retriever speech?

a good golden retriever speech cosists of their physical appearance, history, and nutrition

What are the types of prepared speech?

Acceptance Speech..Bad news Speech..Election Speech..Entertaining Speech..Farewell Speech..Good news Speech..Informative Speech..Loser's Speech..Oratory Speech..Persuasive Speech..Presentation Speech..Speaker Introduction Speech..Speaker Thank you Speech..Welcome Speech..Winner's Speech

What are some good speech topics for an indictment speech?

Some good speech topics would be child abuse,Adictions, anorexia,the media, Alcohol abuse, etc.

When is speech good?

good content and intress the odunsed

What is part of speech of good in good cheer?

an adjective

What are good speech opening sentences?

good morning forward slash afternoon, my name is................. and today im doing a speech on............

What is the subject and the predicate of the sentence - The secret of a good speech is in the pauses?

Subject is "secret of a good speech" Predicate is " is in the pauses" -

In Faulkner's speech, what does he say makes good writing?

Problems of the human heart

Figure of speech and there examples?

physics please be good to me.what figure of speech is this?

What is a good famous political leader speech?

I have a dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam speech - MLK Jr.