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Q: What is a good use of a full scale exercise?
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What kind of exercise do all personnel respond to an emergency by moving equipment and personnel as in a real situation?

Full-scale exercise

Is a good use of a full-scale exercise?

Well my great uncle before he got his lung only working at 50 percent he use to do 200 pushups two claps down then he did 200 jumping jacks then she did 200 sit ups do a quarter of those a day and ull be all good then maybe in two months if u arnt a lazy person do 75 or 100

Why do astronauts need to use full scale mock-ups?

to play

Which type of exercise evaluates things such as communications incident command and use of equipment?

Full scale exercises and functional exercises both use communications incident command and test response with various types of equipment (that would be required in the event of an emergency response situation).

Which is good evidence for the claim that soccer is good exercise?

Of course. Exercise is when you get your body moving.

How can you use aerobic in a sentence?

Aerobic exercise is good for the heart.

Use strenuous in a sentence?

Strenuous exercise is good for your heart.

Why do scientists use full scale mock ups of space vehicles?

Scientists need to be familiar with the layout of the interiors of space vehicles. They can best do this with full scale mock ups in which they can train and familiarise themselves.

How is running a good exercise?

because you use alot of muscles when running

How can you get good exercise with a leg cast?

Get one of bicycle excursie bike and use it

Are adjustable dumbbells a good method to exercise your upper body?

Adjustable dumbbells are a good instrument to use as exercise for you upper body as long as you're doing an exercise right and appropriate for you. Ajustable weights can save you space too.

What weapons do child soldiers use?

They still use normal guns and knives, but on the smaller scale. Lower calibur weapons, but still full size.