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Q: What is a good way for a person to get his or her candidate elected?
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What is the best way for Andrew to ensure his chosen candidate gets elected?

He can volunteer to work on the campaign.

What is one way political parties shape public policy?

Getting party candidate elected to office

Do monarchy leaders get elected by the people?

Sometimes, but mostly no. If they are elected by the people they are usually persuaded to vote a certain way or there is only one candidate.

In the 1950s was fighting communism a good way to get elected?

It was pretty high on the issues list in the 1950's so being against communism certainly worked in favor of any candidate seeking public office.

The best way for an employer to find out if a potential employee can do a job is by?

The single best way to find out if a potential employee can perform a particular job is to put that person through a working interview. Allowing the candidate to work for a few hours will allow the potential employer to judge a person's capabilities as well as allowing the candidate to find out first hand if he or she would be a good fit for the company.

How do candidates for public office especially at the state and national level use the media to get elected?

what is the best way for a candidate to use the media in order to influence his or her rlection outcome

What is a true statement of the 1950's?

Fighting Communism was a good way to get elected

How can I tell if I am a good candidate for a debt settlement?

If you are unable to pay your creditors, you could be a good candidate. You should talk with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, and if bankruptcy isn't the way for you to go, debt settlement might be.

Why would you be the best candidate for a restaurant manager?

It's a good way to earn some mad money!!!


people give speeches explaining why each person should be the nominee.

How it is possible that a president can be elected to office without getting the majority of the votes?

The president is elected by the electoral college. When the Constitution was first written, the authors felt that the common man was not educated well enough to elect the proper person as president. The electoral college system was set up to elect the president. Every state has a number of electors equal to the combined number of representatives and senators it has in Congress. When citizens go to the polls and vote, they elect the candidate for which they want their electors to vote. For example, if your state has twelve representatives and two senators, your state would have a total of fourteen electors. If in the election, candidate X defeats candidate Y, even if it is by just one vote, candidate X will receive all fourteen electoral votes from your state. It is therefore possible for a president to be elected without having the most popular votes, although that is a rare possibility.

Is Pein a good or bad person?

Good in a bad way.