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Jay Mysterio, you could use that name if you want to make a brother of Rey mysterio.

Bane, what about fat show of triple j

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Some good dog names that can characterize wrestling would be, Buster, Bucks, Maximus, Conan or Champ.

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world wrestling entertainment is the best name for it. others will have their own opinions thought.

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His wrestling name is Triple H

sumo wrestling is what they do i japan sumo wrestling is what they do in japan

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There is no information listed on Kevin McDaniel's wrestling name. WWE wrestling was founded in 1952 by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt.

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I could not find such a precise piece of information. Soundskind of hard. Here is why: The first recorded Olympic wrestling match occurred in the Olympics in 708 BC. Wrestling was highly valued as a form of military exercise without weapons. Good luck to you!

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