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Male should weight. 1.5 to 2.5 pounds female should weight 1 to 1.5 pound


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It's not ideal, guinea pigs are not carnivores.

A guinea pig's brain is 4 grams in weight.

Birth weight of a guinea pig is about 60g - 110g.

Dalmation guinea pigs will weigh the same as most other breeds of guinea pigs: males 800-1020 females 700-1000

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Weigh yours and that's yr answer

No!!!!!!!They are actually part of the rodent family.

yes guinea pigs do get along with pigs and they wont eat the guinea pig. does this answer your question?

Yes very bad. It contains too much oil (cant really remember what it is called). The ideal shavings for guinea pigs are aspen, low in oils and dust.

I feed my guinea pigs normal guinea pig food from the pet store, but for a little variety i give them letups, carrots and apples for a treat.

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Guinea pigs are not hypoallergenic.

what kind of guinea pigs are there

Guinea pigs are not poisonous.

Guinea pigs are herbivores.

Guinea pigs originated in the Ande Mountains in Peru. This is also where the Incas live. They ate guinea pigs which is why Peruvians eat guinea pigs.

No... two boy guinea pigs can't live with two girl guinea pigs because one of the boy guinea pigs will get jealous when the other is making love to one of the girl guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs are not related to pigs. Guinea pigs are called guinea pigs because of their squealing noise they make.

It depends what type but most guinea pigs are friendly with others.

Peruvians cook guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are native there and they are called Cuy.

No. Gerbils produce gerbils and guinea pigs produce guinea pigs

Male Guinea Pigs are called Boars, female Guinea Pigs are called Sows, and babby Guinea Pigs are called Pups. A group of Guinea Pigs is called a Herd. :)

A guinea pig can get up to 2 pounds in weight and 11-14 inches in length

No. Also, there aren't any guinea pigs in Equatorial Guinea.

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