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Henning is a norwegian boy name, maybe that's it because I can't remember anything called a henning in norwegian mythology right now...but that doesn't mean I'm right because I didn't pay much attention in class:S anyway, hope it help a little

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How is apocalypse in Norwegian mythology called?

The apocolypse in Norse Mythology is called Ragnarok.

Which former man utd player has coached four norwegian clubs?

Henning Berg?

What has the author Henning Kure written?

Henning Kure has written: 'I begyndelsen var skriget' -- subject(s): Norse Mythology, Creation

Names of some famous norwegian people?

Ingamar Johansson, Tryge Velde, Sonja Henning, Lars Stupe

Is a unicorn an omnivore?

depends what legend you read, in norwegian or christian mythology they ate people

What nicknames does Samantha Henning go by?

Samantha Henning goes by Sam Henning.

Who is Alex henning?

alex henning

What is the birth name of Henning Lohner?

Henning Lohner's birth name is Henning Lohner.

What is the birth name of Henning Pink?

Henning Pink's birth name is Henning von Berg.

What is the birth name of Henning Karmark?

Henning Karmark's birth name is Karmark, Henning Munch.

What is the duration of Ballad of Carl-Henning?

The duration of Ballad of Carl-Henning is 1.42 hours.

What has the author Annie Henning written?

Annie Henning has written: 'The sea journals of Annie & Amy Henning'

Which player won the premiership with two different teams?

Henning Berg, a Norwegian, is the only player to have won the premiership for two different clubs: Blackburn in 1994 and for Man Utd in 1998 and 1999.

How tall is Henning Berg?

Henning Berg is 6'.

How tall is Henning Fischer?

Henning Fischer is 6'.

How tall is Dan Henning?

Dan Henning is 6'.

Where is the Henning Military Park Inc in Henning Minnesota located?

The address of the Henning Military Park Inc is: 46243 Brandborg Creek Rd, Henning, MN 56551-9469

When did Henning Rønne die?

Henning Rønne died in 1947.

When was Henning Rønne born?

Henning Rønne was born in 1878.

When was Henning Christophersen born?

Henning Christophersen was born in 1939.

When was Sonja Henning born?

Sonja Henning was born in 1969.

When did Archibald Henning die?

Archibald Henning died in 1862.

When was Archibald Henning born?

Archibald Henning was born in 1805.

When was Cameron Henning born?

Cameron Henning was born in 1960.

When did Henning Linden die?

Henning Linden died in 1984.

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