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Adults eat mostly nectar and pollen. Females require a blood meal before they can lay eggs. They suck blood from livestock and humans. The larvae prey on other insect larvae, snails, and earthworms

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Old name for horsefly?

name for horsefly -- Cleg

What is the plural of horsefly?

The plural form of horsefly is horseflies.

What is a scientific name of a horsefly?

The scientific name of a horsefly is Tabanidae.

What is the duration of A Horsefly Fleas?

The duration of A Horsefly Fleas is 420.0 seconds.

What does a horsefly look like?

See Web Links to the left for horsefly images

When was A Horsefly Fleas created?

A Horsefly Fleas was created on 1947-12-13.

Is a horsefly multicelleular?


What does the horsefly eat?


What are the release dates for Horsefly Opera - 1941?

Horsefly Opera - 1941 was released on: USA: 13 June 1941

What is another name for a horsefly?

a flea

What is an old name for a horsefly?


What type of symmetry does a horsefly have?

Bilateral .

Symbolic meaning horsefly in life?

The horsefly is the child of a male herbalist and a female vampire. It has many negative symbolic meanings in life.

What type of mouth does a horsefly have?

A horsefly has a mouth composed of nine different parts! We say that a horsefly bites, but it actually cuts into the skin of an animal, making it bleed. It then extends a sucker to suck up the spilling blood. Hope this helps!

How big do horseflies get?

It depends on the species of horsefly. Some species are quite small under 1/2". The largest horsefly in North America is the Tabanus atratus or Giant Horsefly. They are often over 1.5" and it isn't uncommon to find them over 2". Has a picture of a Giant Horsefly that is slightly over 2".

What are the release dates for You Can't Shoe a Horsefly - 1940?

You Can't Shoe a Horsefly - 1940 was released on: USA: 23 August 1940

Bug that's starts with h?


What is name for a huge fly?

Um a horsefly

What happens when a horsefly bites you?

You go, "OW!!!"

Is a female horsefly a herbivore or carnivore?


Where does a horsefly live?

I saw one when I was in Texas.

What thing can fly and has horse in the name?

The horsefly.

What is a horsefly defense against predators?

They bite you

How long does a horsefly bite last?

Horsefly bites can be extremely painful to humans and other animals. The typical bite lasts a few days to a week.

Why do people call horseflies a horsefly?

People call horseflies a horsefly because they are huge. These flies are much bigger insects than the housefly for example.

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