What is a horses adptation?

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a horses adaptation is runnig around the fence line to recognize it

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Q: What is a horses adptation?
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What is a horse's structural adaptation?

One of a horse structural adaptation is that they have strong high-crowned teeth to munch and graze on their food!

Adptation of crab?

a blue crabs adpation is eating iating itself

What is ciliated cell's adptation?

Ciliated cells help to clear dust and dirt from your airways with tiny hairs.

What are mammal adptation?

Live birth, mother's milk, and fur/ hair. Some mammals don't give live birth like the platypus but most of them do.

What are eight characteristics of all living things?

they are movement,respiration,nutrition,irritability,growth,excretion,reproduction,competition,adptation and death,it is now 10,no more 8

What is the difference between behavioral and structural adptation?

Compare and contrast caterpillar structural and behavioral adaptation. Structural adaptation is the change in the physical state and behavioral adaptation is the change in it's behavior,they have changes

What is a collective noun for wild horses?

The collective noun for wild horses is a herd of horses.

What is the plural possessive form of horses?

The possessive form for the plural noun horses is horses'.Example: The horses' stable is beside the barn. (the stable for horses)

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The actual engine wiring will need modification and adptation. But overall the original harness will be reuseable as long as it is in good shape.

Which are the types of horses?

There are appaloosa horses and American saddlebred horses, thoroughbred horses and American quarter horses, there also are more types

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The possessive form for the plural noun horses is horses'.

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The plural form for the noun horse is horses.

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