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What is a housing choice voucher?


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Formerly known as Section 8, a Housing Choice Voucher is a voucher issued by the local public housing authority to a landlord which participates in the Program, which guarantees that the specified amount of housing assistance payments on the voucher will be paid by the federal Government on behalf of the tenant.

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No. The housing choice voucher program is confidential in nature.

The purpose of the Section 8 Voucher Program, now known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is to be able to rent a home from a provate source.

An enhanced voucher would mean one that was given for a special reason or purpose. They're the same as Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8)

You can call the housing choice voucher program division of your housing authority to check the status of your waiting list or application.

Every person on the housing choice voucher program is assigned a case coordinator, a title which could have different names according to the Housing Authority. In some places they call them case managers, and others case coordinators or housing program coordinator. That person is the one who administers your housing choice voucher, and is responsible for assuring your current eligibility for the program.

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Each Housing Authority has its own rules by which someone applies for a section 8 voucher, now known as a housing choice voucher, or public housing. Most qualifications are the same for every jurisdiction, since the section 8 housing program is a federal program.

It depends on why you lost your voucher, and, like the voucher program, there is a waiting list for public housing.

If you already hold a voucher, check with your local housing authority to see what properties they have available from landlords who are willing to accept housing choice vouchers.

Whenever your voucher is terminated involuntarily, you have the right to appeal that decision. With the letter of revocation or termination comes instructions to follow on how to appeal your case. It first starts with an appeals hearing, and if that hearing affirms your termination, you may have to get an attorney and sue the Housing Authority that terminated your voucher.

You cannot place a monetary value on housing choice voucher. The bedroom size goes according to what the family qualifies for. The value of this varies according to the jurisdiction in which the voucher is being used.

There is a waiting list for housing in Monterey County. But at this time the current housing choice voucher waiting list status is closed and will remain closed.

Absolutely NOT! This is considered fraud! Only person that are duly qualified can live in a home that is assisted by means of public housing or a housing choice voucher. Following those rules there is no need to sublease.

Everett Housing Authority has its own rules by which someone applies for a housing choice voucher or public housing. However, this is a federal program, so most rules are basically the same of every jurisdiction.

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program provides rental assistance for those who qualify for programs such as section 8 housing.

Under the housing choice voucher program, no roommates are allowed. This includes, but does not limit to unmarried couples.

Surprisingly, yes you can! You can be on as many waiting lists you want to be for a Housing Choice Voucher, formerly known as the section 8 voucher. You can wait for in one state while you are holding a voucher in another. This is generally a strategic move because although you have the ability to port a voucher to another state, the Housing Authority that issued your voucher can claim it cannot afford to port you to the other state. This often happens when you want to move from a rural state -- where there is often no transportation system, medical centers, or other convenient facilities -- to a jurisdiction that does have these conveniences but are often more expensive than the rural area from which you want to move. To port a voucher, the receiving Housing Authority must agree to absorb the costs of such porting or the issuing Housing Authority must agree to be billed by the receiving Housing Authority. So waiting for another voucher might be a good choice in your case. However, you probably already are aware that you can only hold one voucher at a time, so when the other Housing Authority issues your voucher, you will have to let go of the original voucher. Make sure that you make this transition as smooth as possible (in other words, do not burn the bridges behind the original Housing Authority). You may want to check with the Housing Authority that has you on their waiting list to see if they will absorb the cost of porting, or check with your issuing Housing Authority to see if they are willing to be billed, so that you may not have to wait on the waiting list anymore.

While each Housing Authority has its own rules by which someone must apply for a housing choice voucher or public housing, the section 8 program is a federal program: so the rules are basically the same everywhere.

Probably not. Federal regulations prohibit felons with drug offenses, inter alia, to live in public housing or receiving housing choice voucher.

Every Housing Authority will have information about this. This type of program is known as the housing voucher homeownership program, which works the same way as the rental voucher, except the voucher is being used to pay the mortgage on the property.

Report it to the Landlord and to the Housing Authority that is servicing the voucher. If you can't determine the Housing Authority that is servicing the voucher, write to every Housing Authority in that jurisdiction.

There is no such thing as a Section 8 Landlord. There are either public housing developments and apartments, or there are landlords who are willing to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (I.e., accept section 8 vouchers).

Contact the Shreveport Housing Authority for information regarding availability:

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