Section 8 Housing

This section deals with questions about the Housing Choice Voucher Program, formerly known as Section 8 of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) federal regulations, and of local Housing Authorities that administer the program.

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Section 8 Housing

Can you fill out an application online about section 8 rental?


If you are interested in applying for public housing, contact your local HA. If you have trouble contacting the HA, contact the local HUD Field Office. HOW DOES THE APPLICATION PROCESS WORK?

The application must be written. Either you or the HA representative will fill it out. An HA usually needs to collect the following information to determine eligibility: (1) Names of all persons who would be living in the unit, their sex, date of birth, and relationship to the family head; MY TWO KIDS THAT ARE TWO FEMALES ,(3YR -08-12-04) ,AND (2YR 01-24-06) (2) Your present address and telephone number; 2760 TROTTERS LANE 770-369-6795 (3) Family characteristics (e.g., veteran) or circumstances (e.g., living in substandard housing) that might qualify the family for tenant selection preferences; STANDARD LIVING (4) Names and addresses of your current and previous landlords for information about your family's suitability as a tenant; I LIVE WITH MY FATHER AND I PAY HIM $200 A MTH (5) An estimate of your family's anticipated income for the next twelve months and the sources of that income; I WORK AT HOME DEPOT AND BRING HOME ABOUT 400-600 EVERY TWO WEEKS (6) The names and addresses of employers, banks, and any other information the HA would need to verify your income and deductions, and to verify the family composition; and HOME DEPOT 2150 W.SPRING ST.. MONROE,GA (7) The PHA also may visit you in your home to interview you and your family members to see how you manage the upkeep of you current home. OK After obtaining this information, the HA representative should describe the public housing program and its requirements, and answer any questions you might have.

To your local HUD Office/ Housing Authority Office. If those fail, go to your local City Hall .

To get an section 8 application you need to go to your local housing authority and ask them when they are accepting applications. Also with them you may be able to receive public housing. I do know that certain areas only take applications once a year. Good Luck!! You will need to apply at your local HUD office. There is also probably a waiting list for housing.

I have section 8 myself. You Cannot apply online. You must contact your local housing dept. For example: Call in formation 411 and ask for your towns housing authority.:, ex;Lowell Housing Authority, if your town doesnt have one, ask for the surrounding towns housing authority phone number No after the revisions past in October it has to be filed with a lawyer

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Section 8 Housing

Free section 8 housing application?


Section 8 Housing

Can you have a criminal conviction and qualify for section 8 housing?

A criminal conviction does not necessarily disqualify you from a voucher, except two types for federal regulations: any violent or drug offenses within the past five years; any offense for which one must register as a sex offender in his state; and the manufacturing of methamphetamine in a public housing unit or assisted under the program. However, every Housing Authority has its own rules on what criminal convictions can disqualify you from the program, including the types of offenses and the age of the conviction.

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Section 8 Housing

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Section 8 Housing

Free section 8 applications?


Section 8 Housing

Can a man get section 8 housing?


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Section 8 Housing

What age can you apply for section 8 housing?

You must be within the legal age of your state to sign contracts that are legal binding.

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Section 8 Housing

Will a Felon get section 8 housing in KY?

It all depends on what type of felony that person is convicted of. If the person must register in his state as a sex offender, the felony is of violent or drug nature, or the felony involves public assistance fraud, then by federal regulations the Housing Authority cannot accept this person into the voucher program. And the Housing Authority may have its own rules of whom they may exclude as convicted felons from their programs. Most often than not they include felonies of any kind of less than 5-7 years from the date of release from incarceration or supervision, whichever later occurred.

Section 8 Housing

When does the section 8 housing list open again in ohio?

Check with you local Housing Authority there.

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Section 8 Housing

Can a felon get a section 8 housing voucher?

How many states have the stand your ground law?

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Section 8 Housing

Can you put your house on section 8 online?

If the particular housing authority has the option to do you then possibly. I know that at the housing Authority I work at we have a packet of paperwork that the future landlord would have to fill out.

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Section 8 Housing

What is section 8 housing?

Section 8 housing is government subsidized housing for low-income persons.

Section 8 Housing is one of two programs: the Voucher program (known as the Housing Choice Voucher Program), and the Public Housing program, which, instead of a voucher, provides a home from a property owned by a Government agency (typically a Housing Authority). In both cases the rent paid by the Tenant is adjusted according to the number of members and income of the family.

On the Voucher Program, the more popular type, a voucher is issued by a Housing Authority, which guarantees that the federal Government, HUD, will pay its portion of the tenant's rent (the tenant pays the rest, which is not more than 30 percent of his income).

Some rural apartment complexes are financed with Government-guaranteed, low-interest loans and tax incentives to house low-income renters. These complexes, known as Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties, have their own programs which allows low-income families to rent their units at a rent commensurate with their income. These are not Section 8 programs but are administered by HUD and USDA, Rural Development. Some urban complexes may have similar programs.

Additionally, some states and localities may have their own programs which supplement these federal programs.

Section 8 Housing

How do you fill out section 8 applications online?

Generally there are no applications for section a online. However, there may be pre-applications for the waiting list that are filled out online. Generally it will ask for some basic information, which will include eligibility questions and your current home address and telephone number.

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Section 8 Housing

Why can Section 8 housing claim your child support?

Because a portion of it, as well as your income, is applicable toward the housing cost for a child.

Section 8 Housing

Can you rent a room on section 8?

You can rent a room on different sections as long as it is still available. DISREGARD ABOVE Under the section 8 voucher program, you're not allowed to rent part of a home. The voucher is meant for someone to move into a safe, decent, sanitary home. You would not make sense to simply rent a room, when you can rent a whole apartment, or even a house.

Section 8 Housing

Can felons apply for section 8 housing?

Theoretically anyone can apply. But certain types of felonies may not allow those convicted of such to be approved for a voucher per federal regulations or the policy of the local Housing Authority (policies that are approved by HUD). Examples include, but do not limit to: felonies committed less than five years from the last date of incarceration or supervision, whichever occurs later; sex offenders who are required to register in their state; drug traffickers, violent offenders (robbery, agg. assault, etc.); crimes, whether felony or less severe, involving fraud against or involving a Housing Authority or the use of one's voucher, and more.

Section 8 Housing

Who is eligible for section 8 housing assistance?

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i would like to know if me and my wife are qualified,our total income is 30,000 .We are both on social sercurity and are having a roughttime paying our medical and bills. Thank you

if both of you are on Social Security, this means that you are a disabled or elderly couple. Coupled with the low income of $30,000 per year, there is no question that you are qualified. But anyone on a low income can qualify for section 8 housing. However, elderly and disabled people often get preference over traditional families.

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Section 8 Housing

Can felon live in a section 8 housing in the state of Ohio?

A felony conviction will not necessarily disqualify you from the program, except, under federal regulations, the following offenses: the manufacturing of methamphetamine in a public housing units or while under the voucher program; and any offense for which one is required to register as a sex offender in his state. However, every Housing Authority has the right to set its own rules on the types of felonies, the age of the conviction, and other factors as disqualifiers for the program.

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Section 8 Housing

How do you apply for Section 8 housing in Dupage County in Illinois?

Go to your local HUD office or apply online.

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Section 8 Housing

What are the qualifications for section 8 housing in Houston County Georgia?

Every Housing Authority has its own list of qualifications for which a person can receive a voucher or public housing. You will need to check with the Housing Authority in that location for specific qualifications. Many of the qualifications fall under federal guidelines, while housing authorities are free to develop their own qualification criteria according to Housing Authority standards.

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Section 8 Housing

Can you own a car and qualify for section 8 housing?

Yes you can. While car payments cannot be deducted from your income when the Housing Authority calculates your amount of the rent, a car does not count against your assets if you own just one, or if each family member owns one of their own.

Section 8 Housing

Where can you apply for a free section 8 application?

The only place you can apply for section 8 is a Housing Authority, and only if they have an open waiting list.

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Section 8 Housing

Is child support considered income when living in section 8 housing?

Yes child support payments received would be considered as part of your income Part 5 income inclusions as stated in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Go the the HUD gov website

The Part 5 definition of annual income is the gross amount of income of all adult household members that is anticipated to be received during the coming 12-month period. This definition sounds straightforward, but there are several specific issues related to the calculation of Part 5 annual income.

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Section 8 Housing

What is a quadruplex housing?

This is where there is a building made into four separate dwellings, or units.

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Section 8 Housing

Can you cancel your section 8 housing voucher?

Yes, but do you really want to? It is an entitlement program. Canceling such is a personal decision you must make. But remember, if you do, and you want to return to the program, you will have to rejoin the waiting list when one is next available, which may be a long time, and restart the process.


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