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37 degrees Celsius. (98.6 F)

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Q: What is a human's approximate temp in Celsius?
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What is the Celsius temp for humans?

Body temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius.

What is a normal humans approximate body temperature in degree Celsius?


What is the humans approximate body temperature in celsius?

The normal temperature of the human body is 37 degrees celsius

What is the freezing point temp?

the temp in Fahrenheit is 32 and celsius 0 the temp in Fahrenheit is 32 and celsius 0 the temp in Fahrenheit is 32 and celsius 0

What is the equation for changing Celsius to kelvin?

Temp. Celsius = Temp. Kelvin - 273.15

Dogs normal body temp?

Higher than humans, about 38 degrees Celsius, or 100.4 F (Fahrenheit).

What is the formula on how to convert degree Celsius into rankine?

Rankine temp = 1.8(Celsius temp) + 491.67

What is the celsius temp if the temp is 85 Fahrenheit?

about 29.4444

What does 17 Fahrenheit equal in Celsius?

Use this formula. Temp. Fahrenheit = Temp. Celsius(1.80) + 32 so, 17 F = Temp. Celsius(1.80) + 32 ( subtract 32 from each side ) -15 = Temp. Celsius(1.80) ( divide each side by 1.80 ) -8.3 = Temperature Celsius

If the absolute temp of a is 600 k the temp in degrees celsius?

-273.15+600=326.85 degrees celsius

What is the temperature of 51 degrees Celsius in kelvin?

Temp in kelvin = temp in Celsius + 273.15 = 326.15 K

What is 150 degress Fahrenheit in Celsius?

65.6 degrees Celsius (I rounded the temp up, since it was 65.55...) you can calculate the Celsius temp by subtracting 32 from the Fahrenheit temp, then multiply that number by 5 and then divide the number by 9. (F temp - 32) 5/9 = Celsius

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