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A hybrid car is a car that runs on battery and gas. It uses standard unleaded regular gas.

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Q: What is a hybrid car what kind of gas do they use?
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Does a hybrid car use gas?


Use hybrid in a sentence?

I drive a gas/electric hybrid car.

Would you use mathematical analysis to determine which car gets the best gas mileage between a hybrid and gas car?

what method would I use to determine the difference between hybrid car verses gas car

How much less gas do hybrid cars use?

You can save about 30% of gas using a hybrid car. Read more at # › Auto › Car Models › Hybrid Cars

Why is a hybrid popular?

Hybrid vehicles are popular because they will save you money on gas. A hybrid car will use both gas and an electric motor.

What kind of fuel does a hybrid vehicle use?

Gas, diesel.

How efficient is hybrid car fuel?

Hybrid cars get better gas mileage than regular cars. Also, the great thing about the hybrid car is that you do not necessarily need to use fuel to drive a hybrid car, which will help you save money on gas.

What is the impact on our earth when you use a hybrid car?

it saves more gas because hybrid cars are chargeable.

How are a hybrid and a regular gas car alike?

They both use gasoline as fuel.

DO hybrid cars use gasoline?

Yes, hybrid means that something is crossed with another product. In this case an electric car was crossed with a car that uses gas to create the hybrid!

Why do hybrid car call as hybrid when it still uses gas?

Because it has two engines, one doesn't use gas to run. A Hybrid car is a perfect solution to the problems like deteriorating environmental conditions and rising oil prices. They use both gasoline and electric motors.

How much gas does a hybrid vehicle use compared to todays autos that run solely on gas?

A hybrid vehicle can use as much as half the fuel as a traditional car. This is a huge improvement and the gas savings will go a long way toward paying the extra for a hybrid.

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