What is a intake gaskets?

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On the very top of the engine there is a intake manifold and the intake gaskets go between the intake and cylinder heads.

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Q: What is a intake gaskets?
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Are intake gaskets and head gaskets the same thing?

intake gaskets are between the head and intake. head gaskets are between the head and the block..

Can a intake gasket be blown without signs of a headgasket problem?

YES. The intake gaskets have NOTHING to do with the head gaskets. It is a very common problem that the intake gaskets blow. It is not common for the head gaskets to leak unless the engine was over heated, and I mean HOT.

What are problems with 3.1 gm engines?

head gaskets blow and intake manifold gaskets break

Intake manifold gaskets on 2002 impala?

what is your question

If the gasket on the intake needs to be replaced do you have to replace the intake also?

You need to CLEAN the intake up real good where the gaskets fit against it. Then make SURE that the intake is NOT PITTED, If intake is real smooth then there is no reason to replace it. Just replace the gaskets.

How much does it cost to have a Mazda MVP air intake gasket repaired?

I had the upper intake gaskets replaced at a cost of $181.00 but this also included new spark plugs. Two intake gaskets $18.50

Are the intake manifold gaskets reusable on a 2005 Jaguar s-type 3.0 when replacing plugs and you have to remove the intake?

No, you need a new gasket. About the only gaskets that may be reusable are valve cover gaskets some engines.

If your intake manifold gasket is no good will antifreeze leak out?

Yes, you need to replace your intake gaskets.

Would head gaskets or intake manifold gaskets be the most common cause for water mixing with oil?


Can abad intake gasket in a Chevy truck 4.3 liter cause water in the egine block?

You will need to replace the intake gaskets to fix your problem. The HEAD GASKETS will not be your problem.

What causes the intake manifold to go bad on a 2002 Chevy impala?

Yes they do at the intake manifold gaskets.

Should you replace head gaskets during intake gasket repair?

No reason to if the intake gasket is the only problem you have. If engine was running smooth and was not overheated then there is no reason to fool with the HEAD gaskets

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