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What is a knights weapon?

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Well from the whole of the Middle Ages there was always weapons development going on.

the Early period saw Knights armed with Spear and sword, the spear in turn around the 12th century developed into the lance which became the basic arm of the mounted knight.

around the 13th century plate armour became mode around the knightly class and thus weapons such as the mace, warhammer and poleaxe became common sight around battlefields.

by the 16th century armour was so well developed that swords were hardly seen in battles any more and had turned into the weapon on courteirs and the civilian population.

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yes why do you think knights use it?

The European knights wore a suit of armor and their weapon is a sword

The lance was a jousting weapon used by knights. It is spear-like weapon designed to be used while mounted. It was commonly equipped with a small circular plate called a vamplate, which prevented the hand from sliding up the shaft upon impact.

the knights main weapon was the sword. but knights also use daggers, battle axes, lances, and mace's .A mace was a club with a heavy spiked balls.

their shield to protect them from enemy strikes You're Welcome :-)

to defend themselves when in combat if not then its another type of medieval weapon

The lance is a type of spear or pole weapon. It was designed to be used in mounted combat or in tournaments in the Middle Ages. Knights used the lance as a weapon.

You don't defeat knights, you talk to them and they'll give you a weapon to defeat a beast. (On the jungle planet, find the Laser Lance down in the plants before you meet Sir Cador.)

a knight's main weopon was a sword but they sometimes used axes maces and warhammers

Sir Lancelot was a knight, and all knights used swords as weapons in battle.

Their main weapons were swords, but they also used shields, spears, and bow and arrows.

In simple terms, No. They had soldiers. Less armour, more agility, power and variety in weapon

Because it was a weapon that could pierce the armor of knights so it made it possible for anyone to kill a knight it was too powerful of a weapon

They held the handle and swung the ball on the chain and whacked their opponents. The main purpose of the mace was to curl around the shield of their opponent. Like most of the weapons used by knights, it was a crushing weapon, though the spikes could cause some bleeding if it managed to penetrate the armor.

The weapon that knights use when jousting is called a lance, which is a pole weapon similar to a spear, but often with a vamplate (the circular part that stops your hand from sliding up the shaft if you hit something). Jousting in the modern day is primarily theatrical (a scripted reenactment rather than a real tournament), and hasn't been a popular sport since the 17th century.

The English longbow was the first weapon that could penetrate armour from a distance. It was disastrous for knights on horseback.

Along with the end of the feudal system and the development of gunpowder put paid to Knighthood as a military weapon. One could argue that the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 saw the end of Knights as a potent weapon.

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I will start by saying the film "300" isn't a true depiction of a Spartan soldier, they did infact were heavy armor.In doing so they were a Hoplite, and a single one may fall to a knight, but a group could overcome many.However there could be a interesting study, since knights on horse could only be able to attack the flanks of the phalanx they would do limited damage. however dismounted knights armed with a Poleax would give Spartans a serious run for their money, the biggest threat to th knight is the spartan's shield but since it is bronze i doubt that it'll hold to the pounding of a Knights weapon and once that is taken away the spartan is left with just a spear a weapon Knights see as a serfs weapon and they know how to defeat a spear.

Only when they went hunting with other lords or in tournaments. In battle the would wear plate armor and carry a melee weapon.

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he Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon commonly known as the Knights Templar were among the most famous of the Western Christian military orders. The organization existed for approximately two centuries in the Middle Ages. The Hammer as a weapon was not a weapon used by the Templars. A blunt weapon the Templars used was the mace.

England invented the longsword. Yoy could totally tell by the way they used it. Most english knights used this sword as their favorite weapon.

"Ni!" (practically "nee", but with a shorter "ih" sound)Their use of the word is evidently a fearsome weapon.

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