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What is a large gathering of scouts called?


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Large gatherings of many scouting troops are called camporees or jamborees.

A troop is a collection of one or more patrols. A patrol is group of approximately eight scouts. Troops are further organized into administrative groups called councils.


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A gathering of scouts is called a seminar

A Jamboree is a gathering of scouts from every nation and a Camporee is a gathering of scouts from the district.

In the Boy Scouts of America, a gathering of Scouts for an event is called a camporee or camporall or may have a local name. The national Scout jamboree is a gathering of Scouts from all over the US.

That is typically called a Jamboree or a Camporee, but that is only a very large gathering. Smaller gatherings include Troop Meetings and Patrol Meetings.

A large gathering of people is called a group, mob, crowd or a mass.

For Boy Scouts, the largest gatherings are usually called "jamborees".Girl Guides and Girl Scouts use and have used various terms for large gatherings, including "roundup", "camporee", "world camp", and "jamboree". Currently, the largest gatherings for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) are called "international camps" or are given a specific name that describes the event.

They are called Boy Scouts. Scouts ages 5-10 are called Cub Scouts. Scouts ages 14-21 can become Venture Scouts.

A camporee is a gathering of Scouts in which the accommodation is in tents - a blend of camp and jamboree.

The Girl Scouts in the Yemen Republic are called are called "Haditas".

Yes, but it is not called girl scouts, they are called Girl Guides.

Girl scouts are called Pouli in Greece.

The Boy Scouts. (They are now called just Scouts, and they allow both boys and girls in)

A gathering of nuns is called a nunnery. Or a convent.

Girl Scouts in France are called Girl Guides. They are also a part of the World Association of Girl Guides And Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts of Japan have four age groups. Age group 6 to 9 is called Brownie Girl Scouts!

The name for a large group from one area is called a troop. A troop usually has smaller groups within itself called patrols.

we call them girl scouts(kayarith nearrii).

Yes. The organization is called Girl Scouts of the Philippines.

The shift from hunting to gathering and then to farming is called civilization

A group of Girl Scouts is called a troop or a group.

A group of Girl Scouts is called a troop or a group. When a troop or group is split into smaller groups, they are called "patrols".

a group of boy scouts is called a (boy scout) troop, I'm in a (boy scout) troop.

Similar to the United States, they are called Scouts. The Scout Organization is in charge of the program in the United Kingdom.

Names for the oldest Girl Guides/Girl Scouts levels vary with the organization. The oldest Girl Scouts level for Girl Scouts of the USA are called Ambassadors. Ranger and Senior are terms used in other organizations.

They used to be called Junior Girl Scouts. With changes in the past few years, they are now called Girl Scout Juniors and are girls in grades 4 and 5 who are members of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

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