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What is a liberty pass on Pokemon White?


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If you mean where is the liberty pass it is in Mystery Gift on your title page. If you mean what it is it is the pass that allows you to board a boat in Driftveil City to catch Victini.

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You have to get the liberty pass from a pokemon event to get victini and stop team plasma.

when you get the Liberty Pass and unlock Castelia city

You get the liberty pass through wifi as an event.

By a Wifi Event, but its already over.

Victini is found in a WiFi event. It is found in Liberty Garden. You will need a liberty pass.

You can't now. You can get the Action Replay code for a Liberty Pass, but it won't work, because I tried it. (I had 900x of them)

its a wi-fi item till aprill 10th

The Liberty Pass is available from March 6th-April 10th with the games Pokemon Black and White. See the related link for further information.

You have to have a liberty pass.But to go there, you can't. Anymore. Too bad!Thank you!-Chloe Sciuto

You need the special Liberty pass from a Mystery Event that ended sometime in April.

The liberty pass in Pokemon black and white is a pass that lets you cruise on a ship to liberty island. ON that island you can catch victini, but you have to battle a couple team plasma's before you find victini. Victini is in the basement on liberty garden. To get the liberty pass you need you go to Nintendo wifi

yes to catch viktini until April 10

Tou cant get it anymore, it was an event item if an eve

no. with a liberty pass, you get victini, level 15

The liberty ticket event is for Black and white only. You will not be able to receive it on soul silver.

you need a liberty pass and then go on one of the boats and it shoudl take you to the liberty garden.

You can only get it from wifi under june 4 2011. I hope this helps.

The Liberty Pass is available from March 6,2011-April 10,2011. It is at Castelia City. Visit the related question below for more information.

You must get it via Wireless Connection. Go to any GameStop or EBGames in North Amercia/Other parts of the world to get your free Liberty Pass! From March 6 to April 10, 2011 you can get the Liberty Pass that gives access to the Liberty Garden in Pokemon Black or White. This is where you catch Victini.

You have to get the liberty pass from a pokemon event. You can also catch Victini at liberty island.

liberty pass was a special event and it is no longer available to collect

first u have to get the liberty pass in an event and then go to liberty garden and defeat team plazma and ull get victini

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