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Stereotypes are widely held, but overly simplified common beliefs. There is usually very little basis or truth to the stereotype, but they often prevail through generations anyway. Stereotypes are often used as an excuse to hold hard feelings against a group, or to repress and belittle them. Blacks are not the only group that are victims to stereotypes. Realizing that stereotypes do not actually represent entire groups of people helps you to get to know people for their individual attributes.

Some stereotypes that different groups suffer:

Teenage girls all sit on their cell phones doing nothing but talking about boys.

Young white females cannot make it through a day without yoga pants and a latte.

Women need to have children to be complete.

Native Americans are usually alcoholics.

Spanish men are all romantic and promiscuous.

Asians are all good at math.

Lower income people are usually dirty and illiterate.

Some examples of stereotypes against blacks are:


Late all the time



Smoke menthol Newports/Weed

Fried Chicken Lovers


Welfare Recipients

Multiple Baby Mammas or Daddies

Drug users/ distributors

Don't want to work

No car

Always living with someone

All like Barack Obama

Hate White People


Users of most all things esp. government

Always expecting something for nothing





Big Lips



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