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What is a list of carnivores?

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meat eaters

such as:

bears, and foxes

animals like that that always eat meat

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What is a list of carnivores animals?

there are wide variety of carnivores

Can you have a list of carnivores?

I dont can you?

List some carnivores?

Carnivores eat meat, so lions, tigers, hawks, foxes, wolverines, wolves are examples of carnivores.

List of animals eat only meat?


Can you give me a list of Carnivores?

Carnivores are animals that eat meat. You can think of a lot of those on your own without trying to cheat.

List of carnivore?

Carnivores are meat eaters such as tigers,lions,bears,etc,.

List of all carnivores?

lion ,bats ,eagle ,wolves, whale ,fox and so on.

What is a list of animals that do not eat plants?

All animals eat plants at times, but carnivores specifically hunt to consume meat. Examples of carnivores include lions, tigers, and hawks.

What are animals that are carnivores?

Ones that eat meat. I.E. Lions, tigers, bears ---- the list goes on.

What is a list of some animal predetor?

It catches and eats other living animals, they are called carnivores.

List 5 types of consumers?

The 5 types of consumers are omnivores, herbivores, carnivores, ,insectivores and decomposers

What among herbivore carnivore and omnivore has the longest list?

There are many more herbivores than carnivores or omnivores.

All animals that are carnivores?

The list includes lions, tigers, and humans, so I will refer you to the related link below:

List of carnivores that eat chicken?

fox lion jaguar cat dog human hawk eagle falcon

List some carnivores and some omnivores?

carnivores: -lion -dog -cat cut throat salmon (cannibals) -t-rex -panther Omnivores: -human -pig -seagull(to an extent) -hedgehog (snails and lettuce)

Are owls herbivores carnivores or omnivores?


Are lions carnivores or herbivores?

Lions are carnivores.

What are some examples of carnivores that live in the ocean?

Sharks, sea lions, otters, some whales, dolphins.. The list goes on and on.

Is a boa constrictor a herbivore carnivore or omnivore?

They are carnivores - meat eating.They are carnivores - meat eating.They are carnivores - meat eating.They are carnivores - meat eating.They are carnivores - meat eating.They are carnivores - meat eating.

Can carnivores eat other carnivores?

yes. the carnivores that eat other carnivores are called tertiary consumers.

Are bloodworm's carnivores?

they are not carnivores.

Do dogs have the same teeth as your carnivores?

As dogs are carnivores they have a carnivores teeth

Are walruses carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

they are carnivores, they eat mainly shellfish.carnivoresyes walruses are carnivores they are only adapted to eat meat in this casecarnivores

List of animals that only eat meat?

One animal that only eats meat is a lion. Another animal that does this is the tiger. They are carnivores.

Are panthers carnivores?

YES, panthers are carnivores.Yes. All cats are carnivores.yes panthers are carnivores. (note spelling)

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