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Shakespeare's tragic plays include Romeo and Juliet, King Lear, Othello, Macbeth, and Hamlet. Other classical tragedies include Euripides' Alcestis, The Medea, Hippolytus and The Heracleidae.

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How many acts does a shakespearean tragedy have?

All Shakespeare's plays, including the tragedies, have five acts.

Where shall I find the Answers and Questions of Tragedy?

We have categories! Check Categories, and type Plays. Plays often have comedy and tragedy.

What is Greek tragedy?

Greek tragedy is old,greek, plays that did not have a happy ending.

Masefield play The Tragedy of?

Tragedy of Nan and other plays Pub. 1909

What plays were performed in ancient Greece?

Tragedy plays, Comedy plays, and Satyr plays.

The difference between tragedy and comedy plays?

Tragedy is sad, comedy is funny, or satirical.

How do you use the word tragedy in a sentence?

The basic theme in many of Shakespeare's plays is tragedy.

Is the novel The Stone Angel a tragedy?

This book is not a tragedy, it is a comedy. It is also on the banned books list.

What is the explanation for the types of drama?

The two main types of drama are comedy and tragedy. Tragedy plays have a catastrophic ending, whereas comedy plays have a happy ending.

Who was not a writer of tragedy?

Give a list from among I can choose.

What are two types of plays?

Comedy and Tragedy. -Damion..

What is the Dance performed in Greek tragedy plays?


What were the main types of Greek plays?

The three types of ancient Greek plays were comedy, tragedy, and satyr plays.

What were Greek plays about?

Comedy and tragedy.The ancient Greeks watch plays in large outdoor theaters.

The earliest Greek plays were mostly what?

Drama,comedy, tragedy

What is a tragedy and a comedy?

two funny plays made by people

What are the 2 types of plays in ancient Greece?

comedy and tragedy

What are the four categories of Shakespearean plays?

tragedy, comedy romance

What are the five types of drama?

the five types of drama are; tragedy, comedy, farce, fantasy and melodrama

What is revenge tragedy?

Revenge Tragedy is a technique used in plays. It involves the leading character avenging the death of a loved one. The most famous Revenge Tragedy is William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.

What is romeo and Juliet a typical revenge tragedy?

it has most of the characteristics of a revenge tragedy, but none of Shakespeare's plays belong to certain types of drama, so it should be called a "Shakespearean tragedy".

What writer and playwright who was know as the father of tragedy?

The ancient Greek playwright Aeschylus is known as the father of tragedy.

What two types of plays were in ancient Greece?

it was tragedy and comedy the used masks to express emotions in the plays

What are the 3 categories Shakespeare's plays traditionally?

Shakespeare's plays are usually divided into Comedy, Tragedy, and History.

List three genres of literature?

epic, tragedy, comedy, novel