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' loaded " usually means with all the toppings, sour cream, bacon bits, chives.

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How many calories in a loaded baked potato?


How much protein is in a potato?

A loaded baked potato contains approximately 15g of protein. Jonah Martin, p.h.D from Harvard University

What is a baked potato?

A baked potato is a potato which has been baked in order to be edible.

How many calories are in a baked potato with butter cheese and bacon?

Fully loaded big potato with cheese and butter can have more than 500 calories! Better say no to it!

Does a rotten baked potato smell just as bad as regular rotten potato?

I believe that a baked rotten potato smells worse than a rotten potato that isn't baked.

Which potato is good baked potato or sweet baked potato?

You can make the best baked potato with a tater baker bag in the microwave. Great for camping or a college student on the go.

How many calories in a baked potato with gravy?

Baked Potato = 200 caloires Gravy = 100 calories A baked potato and gravy are about 300 calories.

How many mg of potassium are in a baked potato?

1 baked potato has 900 mg

If you boil a potato mash it then bake it is it a mashed potato or a baked potato?

it would be mashed potato but it would be baked style It matters not whether you boiled, baked or steamed the potato, the end result is 'mashed potato' Are you guys seriously arguing over this?

How many calories in a Wendy's baked potato and cheese?

A Wendy's baked potato with cheese is 280.

How much fat in a baked potato?

there is o fat in a baked potato unless you add something to it

Where can I find online recipes for a twice baked potato? i have found twice baked potato recipes. Obviously Food Network has a vast variety of twice baked potato recipes. And the final twice baked potato recipe can be found on science of cooking

Is a baked potato fattening?

No a baked potato is not fattening. Often used in a healthy diet. Baked potato (jacket potato) are usually fattening due to the excess amount of butter/cheese/beans & other fillings.

What is in baked potato?

potato starch , potatoe , carbonhydrate

How long will baked sweet potato last in the fridge?

how long will a baked sweet potato last in the fridge?

How many points plus in small baked potato?

A small, plain baked potato is 4 points.

Which is better for a diabetic a baked potato or sweet potato?

A baked potato and a sweet potato, if cooked and served with the same additions (or lack of them) will be about the same in terms of their impact on a person with diabetes.

Will a baked potato grow?


Can you have a baked potato?

Yes you can

What can you do with a baked potato?

eat it

How many carbohydrates in 2 oz of baked potato?

There are 6 carbohydrates in 2 oz of plain baked potato. .

How much butter is used on a baked potato?

The amount of butter on a baked potato is generally up to the eater to decide.

What are the uses of potato?

French fries, Baked potato, Mashed potato, Potato chips, etc.

How many calories in a white baked potato?

Calories in a white baked potatoIncluding the skin but with no added toppings, there are:Approx 128 calories in 1 small (4.9 oz or 138g) baked potatoApprox 161 calories in 1 medium (6.1 oz or 173g) baked potatoApprox 278 calories in 1 large (10.5 oz or 299g) baked potato.

How do you use potato in a sentence?

I would to have a baked potato, please.

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