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It is a helper of the animal cell

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Lysosmes located in plant or animal cells?

Plant cells do not have lysosmes. Animal cells do.

What is an analogy for lysosmes?


What do lysosmes in a cell do?

It does nothing

Do plant cells have lysosmes?

sure does son!

What is the Function of Lysosmes?

breaks down materials in the cell.

What is the function of the lysosmes?

Brakes down miterials in the cell.

Where are lysosmes located in the cell?

Somewhere within the cell

What is in animal cells that isn't in plant cells?


What cell part breaks down materials?


What is a lysosmes job in the animal cell?

it kills that bacteria

What organelles are responsible for breakin down materials?


Which organelle is found mainly in animal cells?


What role do lysosmes play in metabolism?

They involve in digestion.

Are lysosmes in plant and animal cells?

They are in animal cells, but are NOT in plant cells.

How do lysosmes help the cells by eating its own contents?

how do you know how a lysosome wor

What cell organelle is responsible for the cell's lysosmes?

Mitochondria is responsible for energy in the cell.

Are lysosmes found in prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells?

lysosomes are found in eukaryotic cells.

What is the role of lysosmes in the cell?

It digests cell wastes, food molecules, and uses cell parts.

Does the Lysosomes work with any other organelle in the cell?

Lysosmes work with vacuoles in the cell to maintain homeostasis.

Why do phagocytes contain lysosomes?

The lysosmes have the digestive enzymes that the phagocytes need in order to break down whatever they ingest.

Name two parts of an animal cell that helps defend against invading substances?

the cell membrane and the lysosmes

Are there any types of cells in the lysosmes?

No. Lysosomes are vesicles within cells that contain enzymes to digest particles of "food"

What organelle can digest worn out cell parts?

They are the lysosomes. They remove worn organelles.

Why do scientists sometimes say that plant cell vesicles are just large lysosmes?

Both Vesicles and Lysosomes transport material in and out of the cell.

Which organelle is responsible for digesting substances that enter the cell?

Lysosmes are responsible for that. They contain digestive enzymes