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the magnifying glass has a convex lens and it curves to magnify objects.

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It is made of glass, but the glass is curved so that light is magnified when it passes through it.

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Q: What is a magnifying glass made of?
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What year was the magnifying glass made?


How can you tell if something is so magnified?

in a magnifying glass the glass is special type of glass. glasses lense are made of lint glass. magnifying glass is made of a thick glass. telescopes and magnifying glasses both use thicker glass than the usual. hope i helped you.

What is the purpose of magnifying glass?

A magnifying glass is made to allow people to see small things enlarged. Strong magnifying glasses can help you see things invisible to the naked eye.

Why is a magnifying glass considered an Optical Device?

Because a magnifying glass is made of of convex lens. It converses light rays and magnifies the objects seen through it.

What property is described under a magnifying glass that sugar appears to be made of tiny cubes?

The property is described under a magnifying glass that sugar appears to be made of tiny cubes is crystal form.

How are magnifying lenses constructed?

Have you ever wondered how a magnifying glass is constructed? A magnifying glass is constructed by using a convex lens to curve and magnify objects. A magnifying glass is also constructed out of glass.

Is it possible to make a magnifying glass with colored glass?


When small things are made to look bigger they are?

They are MAGNIFIED ... as with a microscope or a magnifying glass.

What is used in a magnifying glass?


What does the magnifying glass represent in farmville?

You can enhance the the screen you are playing in when clicking on the magnifying glass.

Is a magnifying glass a concave?

A magnifying glass is convex, meaning that the lens curves outward.

Who invented magnifying glass?

Rodger Bacon Is the creator of the magnifying glass. The first magnifying glass was a big ball full of water. And it helped people read.