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Q: What is a male baton twirler called?
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What is a baton twirler called?


Who is the best male baton twirler?

In my opinion, it was definitely Bobby Foehlinger.. he was the fkin man

Name of person leading the band during marching and twirling a long stick?

drum major- male who conducts the band drum majorette- female who conducts the band mace- what drum major and drum majorettes use to conduct the band feature twirler- main baton twirler/only baton twirler who performs with the band majorette- a baton twirler in the twirling line

Is John Parker Wilson dating an Auburn baton twirler?

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides if he was that would b sooooooooooooo weird cause an Alabama football player dating a Auburn Baton twirler, jeez, talk about drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be so weird I mean, an Alabama football player dating an auburn baton twirler, jeez, talk about drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where are you likely to see a baton twirler?

circus, parade, sports game, talent show

What does don't tickle the baton twirler mean?

It's to make us do 1 of 2 things. 1. Drop it. 2. Smile.

What is a music conductors stick called?

The music conductor's stick is a baton.Assuming you meant 'what is a conductor's stick called' - it's a baton.

Is ribbon twirling a sport?

Baton twirling is the sport in which a person uses a metal stick with rubber at the ends to do tricks with. the baton has three parts. the metal part is called the shaft. the big rubber end is the ball, and the little rubber end is the tip. there are many other things to use accept one baton. there is two baton: when a twirler uses two batons at one time. there is flag baton: when a twirler uses a baton but it has a flag on one end. there is fire baton: when the two ends of the baton are lit on fire. There is sword baton went the use swords to twirl but not sharp ones. there are many things to do in baton. they have competitions, when two groups or two individuals go up against each other in front of judges. there is a thing called private lesson, when they have competitons but only one person does the routine. in private lesson there are many different kinds of routines you can do. Solo, Fancy strut, modeling, Fancy best appearing, Military strut, military. There are different catagories. novice, beginner, advanced, intermidiate. I have been in baton for 9 years and really enjoy it i hope this helps you :)

A stick with which leader of a band beats time?

You could be referring to the conductor's baton.

What is a conductor's wand called?

The stick that the conductor waves around is called a baton.

How did baton twirling start?

Baton Twirling believe it or not started by being a male dominate sport. Baton Twirling came from the drum major

What is a mayoral baton called?

Mace. mayoral baton